14 - 2012

Great Father’s Day Gifts for the Golf Enthusiast – On any Budget!

Father’s Day is quickly approaching. If you haven’t thought of what to get your dad, it’s not too late, especially if he is a golf enthusiast. Quite often, it’s a real challenge coming up with a different idea every year for father’s day. However, there are so many great ideas for you to get your dad if he enjoys golf.

Even though golf is often thought of as an expensive sport, when you consider a set of clubs and the dues at country clubs, or even just playing a round of golf at the neighborhood golf course, there are options. With the wide range of ideas, comes a wide range in budget as well.

For Dad’s who love to golf, here are some great gift ideas for every budget. So, let’s take a look at some options for your dad.

Gifts for the Golf Lover on a Tight Budget

You might be on a tighter budget than you had hoped this year, or perhaps the gift is coming from the young child who proudly wants to purchase their own gift for daddy. It’s also possible that you are simply looking for small ‘filler’ items to put in a gift basket. It doesn’t really matter why you might be looking for smaller ticket items…just that you are.

You can always get the obvious golf balls, tees, or head covers. But, take it up a notch with personalized golf balls or head covers. These can be personalized with his name, a favorite college, or a logo. He will definitely be able to pick his golf ball out from the rest in the sand traps!

Other options include a golf shirt, shorts, or a golf umbrella for the die-hard golfer who plays in any climate. I know of a man who made it a goal to play a round of golf every month out of the year. Living in an area that often snowed, it obviously required traveling a couple times a year. But, in the summer months, rain did not stop him.

One last gift I want to mention is to draw up a plan for his own ‘man cave’. You can put a booklet together, filled with information on how to decorate a man cave for the golfer. In other words, encourage him to have a space that he can have as his own, to unwind after a long week of work. The expense would be up to him, but the encouragement is priceless.

Middle of the Greens

If you are looking for some ideas on a great gift in a mid-range, there are plenty of those as well. Here are just a few:

  • Golf shoes
  • Lessons
  • Golf mural for his man cave
  • A new putter

Of course, there’s always the dad who has everything and is nearly impossible to buy for. Notice, I said ‘nearly’. If you are looking for something to do for dad on Father’s Day, then treat him to a round of golf…with yourself as a partner for the day. Set it up ahead of time so that it’s paid for, and then take him out for lunch after you play.

The Sky is the Limit

If you want to splurge and go all out for dad, and you aren’t concerned about the cost, I have options for that as well.

Most every golfer could benefit from a golf lesson. But, I’m not talking about a casual lesson at the local course, even though that would be nice. What I am referring to is sending him to a well-renowned school from a professional.

If your father enjoys the walk of the course instead of using a golf cart, yet struggles with hauling a weighty golf bag around, you can invest in a remote controlled golf cart to carry the bag for him. You can look for these on the Internet, and they range anywhere from $500 on up. It would be as though you bought your dad his own personal caddy.

Another option would be to send your dad, or go with him, to a major professional tournament such as the Ryder Cup to see the professionals duke it out on the greens.

In Closing

No matter what your budget is, or what you choose to give your father, I am sure it will be appreciated. However, if I could recommend one thing to go with whatever you choose, it’s to spend time with your dad while you can. That is priceless.

About the Author

Melissa Cameron has always looks forward to Father’s Day and the opportunity to share this day with her husband and kids. This year she decided to create a place all his own using creative ideas like painting a football mural or adding popular fishing decals. Knowing her husbands likes she’s excited that this years Father’s Day is going to be super special.

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