18 - 2012

Reasons To Do It Yourself Naturally

Folks are dumb where I come from,
They ain’t had any learning.
Still they’ re happy as can be
Doing what comes naturally.

So goes the classic song from that musical “Annie Get Your Gun”— and you too can be happy as can be when you learn to “do it yourself” naturally. More specifically, when we use that phrase, we are mean putting together your own household cleaners from items you can find around the house or can easily buy at the local store.

Cleansers of all kinds— shampoo, kitchen cleaner, can be homemade. And they are cheap to make indeed— homemade shampoo may cost only 10¢ an ounce to make. Some of the individual ingredients, indeed, are free, as the recipe below clearly demonstrates. Such products are also often safer than commercially- made ones, as they do not contain toxic chemicals.

Here is how you make your own shampoo. You will need just two ingredients— a tablespoon of baking soda (and you can save even more by buying this in bulk; it costs 6¢ per ounce), and a cup of water. This should be shaken just prior to each use. Homemade shampoo is safer for your hair that the majority of its commercially- made counterparts, in that it does not deprive it of essential oils— although it may remove any dyes that have been used to color- treat it. There are some tips to follow: Trim your ends regularly to reduce the amount of static, and try massaging your hair with a tablespoon of olive oil, or treat it with a mixture of avocado and lemon juice, once a week. And if your hair is oily, you can wash it with a mixture of two egg yolks and two teaspoons of lemon juice or vinegar, and also massage it with baking soda. You can also make thickening shampoo by beating up whole oats in a blender and mixing them with water and baking soda. Or you can use equal portions of oats and corn starch.

Laundry detergent can be made from scratch, too. With DIY Natural’s combination of washing soda, borax, and bar soap, you can save up to 16¢ per ounce! White vinegar alone can be used to perform a variety of cleaning jobs, and can be used as an ant repellant, deodorizer, food cleaner, laundry softener, weed killer, and more.

The things that you can do for yourself naturally are by no means confined to cleansing agents. The good folks at DIY Natural have come up with their own special recipe for peanut butter. All you need are some peanuts and anything you would like to sweeten or spice up its flavor with (sugar, honey, salt, vegetable oil, &c.), plus a blender to mix them together in.

The best justification for making your own shampoos and cleaners is that they really do work! One woman has gotten excellent results from using natural shampoo and conditioner on her nine- year- old daughter. Another has found that the detergent formula works wonderfully.

In making household products yourself, you can correct any errors that you find yourself making. With store products, on the other hand, you have to return them and hope you can get a better one.

There is also the psychological benefits that you can get from discovering just how creative you can be. And you can work with your children on fresh household items.

But really, the best reason of all to “do it yourself naturally” is that you are the one who cares the most about how much money comes into and goes out of your wallet. so only you have the incentive to make sure you spend your money in the most economical way possible. DIY Natural has published a book on their cleansers that can be bought at their website. Here, too, you can sign up for free email updates. You will be happy as can be “doing it yourself naturally.”

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