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Save Money on Grocery Shopping – Secret Tips from the Thriftiest of Shoppers

save-money-on-grocery-shoppingIt does not matter if you are responsible for feeding only yourself or an entire family, it is imperative that you learn a few tricks on how to save money on grocery shopping. According to a report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food is considered the third largest expense of all households. If you have a family that consists of four individuals, you will spend between $600 a month to $1400 a month on groceries, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Several experts that specialize in supermarket savings explain that there are many money saving tricks that have the potential to reduce your grocery bills by up to 50%, without sacrificing the foods that you love. In this guide, you will learn a few of these tricks. If you want to learn how to save money shopping, continue reading to learn how to put more in your pantry, while keeping your hard-earned money in your pocket!

Planning Ahead Saves Pennies

According to those that specialize in saving at the supermarket, planning ahead helps save many pennies! Before departing on your grocery shopping trip, be certain to evaluate everything that is in your pantry, your refrigerator, and your freezer. This will allow you to determine what you TRULY need in your kitchen. All too often, individuals walk into a grocery store, not fully aware of the items that they currently possess. Due to this, a lot of unnecessary impulse buying occurs that is not necessary. If you want to take the level of difficulty out of taking stock of your current inventory, you may use an app such as “Out of Milk” to assist in the endeavor.

The next trick to save money on grocery shopping is to plan your meals ahead of time. Now, this is an age-old trick that you are able to see and/or hear about all over the internet, in magazines, and other types of media. However, instead of following the standard advice of planning out your meals and then shopping for the necessary ingredients, plan your meals according to the ads and coupons available at your local supermarket. By planning your meals based on sales, you have the potential to cut your costs in half. You should always ensure that you use all of the ingredients that are in your kitchen before they expire. There is a use for all. You just have to find it! According to statistics, approximately 25% of all food that is purchased is thrown away. Remember to rotate and use all items in your kitchen for optimal savings!

Know Where to Look

Grocery stores and other types of retailers that specialize in providing groceries to the public have several tricks that they use in order to make the most profits. For example, most expensive items are placed on the middle shelves on aisles. If you want to experience true savings, you should search for what you need on the top shelves and the bottom shelves. Believe it or not, this is where you will get the best deals. Also, there are certain areas in the store where you may be able to find items that are about to expire highly discounted. For example, the bakery at my local Wal-Mart Supercenter will place cookies, cakes, and breads on a rolling rack way back in front of the milk. Sometimes, I am able to get up to a 90% savings by purchasing from this rack! You, too, have the capability of enjoying these types of savings! Also, you should NEVER purchase from areas near the checkout. These items are strategically placed in order to lure in impulse buyers and take your hard-earned money!


There are many creative ways to save money on grocery shopping. In this guide, you have been introduced to the savings tricks of taking stock of your food inventory, planning meals according to savings listed in advertisements and coupons, rotating all food items in the kitchen before expiration is reached, and knowing where to look for the best savings in the supermarket. If you follow these tricks, you have the ability to cut your grocery bill in half. Learning how to save money shopping can, literally, transform your financial health. Use these save money on grocery shopping tips today to create wealth for all of your tomorrows!

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