15 - 2014

Top 3 Ways to Eat Organic on a Budget

Would you like to eat organic foods, but your budget makes it difficult to do so? Making changes to how you obtain organic foods can put it all into balance. Here are 3 ways you can make it happen!

#1 Plant a Garden

It doesn’t take lots of effort to plant and maintain a garden. Select an area that you can use specifically to grow organic fruits and vegetables. Plant enough to harvest for your family to be able to enjoy without the cost adding up at the super market. You can grow a variety of items based on the season and the climate where you live. The main cost here will be the investment of your time. Eating organic can be fun this way, especially if you have children involved in taking care of the garden. They will enjoy eating what they have grown.

If you don’t want to plant your own garden, you can work with someone who does. For example, find a friend or family member that likes to garden. They can grow enough organic fruits and vegetables for them and for your family. In exchange, you can pay them for those items. You can also barter and provide a service for them in exchange for the food.

#2 Work with Local Growers and Farmers

You may live in an area where there are local growers and farm markets. They are a great way for you to eat organic on a budget. You may be able to trade some work for them too. For example, I have done work roasting chiles at a local farm market on the weekends. In exchange, I get a variety of organic foods from them. I don’t mind the time I spend there, and they need the help. It is a good outcome for both of us.

Sometimes, if you pre-order what you want from local growers and farmers, you will save money. They will have your order there for you to pick up at a specific time. Another option is to show up at the end of the day. You may be able to get discounts on items that they know they must sell quickly or they will have to toss them out.

In some communities, there are local co-op organizations that you can join. The downside to this is that you don’t get to pick the types of organic products you want. Everyone in the co-op gets the same package deal. However, it is also possible to swap items with other members so that you take home only what you will use and so do they. This is an enticing way of eating organic on a budget.

#3 Plan Meals

Be very selective about the organic foods you buy. You will pay less for what is in season. You will also pay less if you get your organic products from farmers and farm markets. If you buy items that are out of season, they are going to be shipped to the market. You will pay a premium price for them. Look for sale items too so that you can get what is offered at a discount.

You can also buy non – perishable items in bulk to cut down on the overall price. These can include beans, rice, grains, and quinoa. There are plenty of wonderful recipes online that you can try with these staple ingredients. Then you won’t feel like you are eating the same things over and over again.

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