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Save Big this Year with Your Vegetable Garden.

vegetable-garden-can-save-moneyHomegrown Vegetable Garden – Save Big This Year by Growing Your Own Food

Homegrown veggies not only taste great, but growing them will save you quite a bit of money, compared to purchasing vegetables from a retailer. Having what many refer to as a “green thumb” not only means you have the capability of growing the vegetables that you and your family enjoy the most, but, it also means that you have the capability to save some of your “green”, or money. By conducting a simple search on vegetable gardening saving money, you are sure to uncover thousands of stories of people who have saved a tremendous amount of cash by simply growing their own food products. If you want to save big this year, you may succeed in the endeavor by growing your own food. In this guide, we will evaluate how much money may be saved by growing your own food instead of purchasing it from a retailer.

Opt for those that are Easy to Grow, But Result in Massive Savings

When opting for a homegrown vegetable garden, you should know and understand that it is important to opt for vegetables that are considered to be easy to grow and will offer you the highest amount of savings. Vegetables that are used in salads, such as spinach, arugula, and Swiss chard are very expensive in the supermarket. To purchase a bag that will yield at least two salads’ worth of food product, you can expect to spend anywhere from $4.00 to $6.00; however, to obtain a small seed packet that contains the seeds of these vegetables, you can expect to spend anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00. The homegrown veggies will only take approximately 40 or so days to completely cultivate and will provide you with enough greens to create salad on a daily basis, at least until the very first frost of the year occurs. Let’s say that you were spending $2.00 a day, previously, to purchase these greens in the market. Then, you started growing your own salad greens. Over the course of five months, the amount that you save would be approximately $300.00, or more! This one example proves that growing your own salad greens is one of the most productive vegetable gardening saving money techniques.

The next example that we will highlight are heirloom cherry tomatoes. These great-tasting vegetables cost anywhere from $4.00 to $6.00 for a pint. A packet of seeds to grow these tomatoes typically cost no more than $2.50. If you elect to purchase starter plants, you may find that one costs about $3.00. In the most favorable conditions, one single plant that grows cherry tomatoes could produce – at least – 20 pints. In many instances, more may be produced. If you originally gave $4.00 a pint for these vegetables in the market, and you plant up to 4 plants that have the ability to produce at least 20 pints of the product, you have just created approximately $320.00 worth of the homegrown veggies. These examples provide you with a little insight on how opting for easy grow homegrown veggies will save you a tremendous amount of money.

Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden

There are many vegetable gardening saving money tips available. Growing your own homegrown veggies will assist in increasing your level of personal satisfaction, will reduce your environmental footprint, will result in vegetables that have superior taste and a higher nutritional value, and will help you save money on your grocery bills. Opting for veggies that are easy to grow, but are considered to be relatively expensive in the supermarket, is considered to be the most productive measure when it comes to your wallet. By planting the seeds today, you have the potential to enjoy many money-saving tomorrows!

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