16 - 2012

Downsize Your Property Quickly

Energy providers such as British Gas recently announced that energy prices will be rising between five and seven per cent with immediate effect. Many people have large houses with high ceilings and rooms going unused. If this sounds familiar, now may be the perfect time to downsize to something more cost-effective.

Traditional methods of selling a property on the open market are long and drawn-out at the best of times. Coupled with the current dire housing market, you could be waiting a long time before you manage to move into a smaller property. In periods such as this, alternative methods of property selling can effectively shorten the process, meaning you can get saving more quickly.

Property buyers such as Tom Craven provide such a service. The whole process can take as little as seven days, and can often be initiated by simply requesting a call-back through your chosen company’s website. After passing on details about the property, you could have a formal offer on your house within 24 hours. It can usually take months and months to get an offer from even the most interested parties on the open market, so this is a huge advantage.

One of the other main time-intensive aspects of selling a property is the handling of the masses of paperwork. Services such as this are here to help if you are nervy managing the paperwork mountain on your own. They will also do so in a quick and concise manner, removing the usual administration related delays.

The famous ‘property-chain’ can also scupper a quick sale, and usually if you have agreed the sale of your own property, the pressure is then on to find a new one swiftly. This is another issue alleviated by quick-buy property buyers, as they are happy to complete the sale in a timescale to suit your needs.

In the current climate, it pays to avoid the traditional channels and find an alternative, quick and simple solution. Services like this remove the stress from selling a property, and can get you into a new home and saving money on bills quicker than the open market ever could.

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