25 - 2011

Denver Recycles now accepting clamshells

image from Denver Recycles

Way back in 2008, I scoured the Internet, seeking a place to recycle plastic clamshell containers. What I found: nobody recycled them. Well, times they are a-changing!

Recently, my recycling vendor, Denver Recycles, announced they would accept yogurt tubs — a change that took a big pile of stuff out of the stack I had to drive to a far-away recycling site. This week, Denver Recycles has announced that they will now accept plastic clamshell containers for recycling.

Denver Recycles will accept all types of plastic marked #1 through #7, including:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Plastic jars
  • Yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. tubs
  • Plastic clamshells from takeout, berries, etc.
  • Plastic bins used to package salad mix
  • Plastic egg cartons
  • Plastic cups for to-go or take-out beverages
  • Plastic trays from microwave dinners

It’s still preferable to avoid these plastics, but it’s difficult to resist those succulent organic berries hitting the market now — and at least we can now recycle the containers instead of adding them to the landfill (or to the piles in our basements and garages).

In the Denver Post article about the change, the recycling program manager explains why it happened:

“The market for recycled (plastic) raw materials is really opening up, so that is creating a demand,” said Charlotte Pitt, recycling program manager for Denver Recycles.

“Because plastics are made from petroleum, anytime you see gas and petroleum prices go up, you also see a bump in the demand for recycled plastic,” she said.

Now, if only we had residential composting available to all neighborhoods in our city (it’s currently a paid program available only in certain areas … not mine), we could virtually eliminate landfill-destined garbage from our house.

How about you? Is your community recycling clamshells and yogurt containers yet?

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