12 - 2010

Friday Wrap-Up – Little Things

This week, I’ll just mention a few posts around the blogosphere that caught my eye.

Mandatory composting

Crunchy Chicken wrote about San Francisco having mandatory composting – wow! I wish our city would go that direction — not so much to fine scofflaws, but to make it available to all. I also appreciated her comment that:

I’m so used to food waste recycling (which I also have at work), it pains me to throw food out. When we were visiting family in San Diego over Christmas, where they don’t have food waste recycling offered by the city, it pained me to throw food waste out in the garbage. Like physically made me uncomfortable.

What can I say … that’s what makes environmental bloggers terrible houseguests.

Antioxidant soda

Inspired by something seen in a refrigerator (not mine*) and the ongoing Food Rules project here, this link to an article from last year at Depleted Cranium about diet sodas – now with antioxidants! (And, unfortunately, artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors that would make Michael Pollan shake his head sadly, even though they are shelved on an outside aisle at my grocery.)

For knits and giggles

And I know we have some knitters reading this blog … Franklin Habit’s “Panopticon” blog featured a funny post titled, “Six Things Passengers Waiting for This Flight to St. Louis Would Rather Do Than Sit in the One Empty Seat Next to the Guy With Knitting Needles.”

Green fashion

If you’ve been wondering how to green up your wardrobe, look no further than this primer on Matador Change by Neha.

* But I’m not saying I’m perfect … I fall guilty to the occasional cravings for Coke and even … Diet Dr. Pepper.

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