15 - 2009

Cloth Reusable Pads For Charity

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about reusable menstrual pads. In the comments, a question came up about making reusable menstrual pads for charity.

Angelique wrote:

There was some info on making these for women in Africa, but the link though TipNut was broken for Goods4Girls.

Goods4Girls was a charitable effort that was started (I believe) and certainly administered by Deanna of Crunchy Chicken. Back in January, she wrote that she was shutting down Goods4Girls because it was taking a great deal of time (on top of her other professional and family commitments).

In the comments, several people offered to take the project over, but it was unclear whether any type of transition happened. I e-mailed Crunchy (Ms. Chicken?) to ask if by chance someone else had adopted Goods4Girls, but haven’t gotten a reply. I will update this post if I hear anything.

However, Project Thrive has a “Days for Girls” program that does similar work. The name comes from the premise that girls lose days of their lives when they are menstruating and required to be isolated from school and community; by giving menstruation management supplies, you give them back those days. If you are interested in sewing pads for charity, follow the link here and check out their work.

If you prefer to donate with your wallet, at New Moon Pads you can purchase pads that are collected for a box that is shipped to Project Thrive when it is full. Purchased pads for charity are discounted to $3.99.

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