10 - 2015

Composting Saves Money In The Spring

composting-ideasCompost Tea – The Ultimate Ingredient to Saving Money and Growing a Perfect Garden

If you want to save money and grow a perfect garden this spring, you should brew and utilize compost tea! While there are numerous composting ideas currently in circulation, the latest and greatest surround the use of compost tea. This type of tea is not only considered to be an effective natural-based fertilizer, but, it is low-strength. This means that, when used in your garden this spring, it is absolutely perfect for both seedlings and maturing plants. In addition to assisting in the growth process, it is highly effective in suppressing fungal-based diseases that have the potential to detrimentally impact your garden.

Creating Compost Tea

Creating compost tea is a relatively simple process. It does not require any specialized equipment and may be done quickly. If you are looking for composing ideas, follow the steps below to save money and to enhance the growth of your garden this year:

  1. First, you must gather a barrel with a 40 gallon capacity. You should place a total of 10 pounds of matured compost within the barrel with 10 gallons of water. For best results, utilize water that is purified.
  2. Next, cover and protect the barrel in such a way that it is not detrimentally impacted by the heat or the cold.
  3. Each day, for a total of 5 days, you should open the barrel and stir the components inside with a long stick.
  4. Once the 5 days has passed, you should then take a cheesecloth or even a piece of burlap and strain the liquid that remains within the barrel. During this step, you should ensure that there is no bubbling of the fluid and no odd smells being emitted from the mixture.

Brewing Compost Tea

Once you have a large amount of compost that smells either sweet or earthy, you should start the process of brewing the compost tea. If you find that your compost does not meet this criteria, you should ensure that the temperature of your compost reaches anywhere between 140°F to 155°F. This temperature should be maintained for at least a week. You should consistently turn the pile throughout the week as it heats. By not taking this additional step, the compost tea may include E.coli and other potentially infectious agents that may have a detrimental impact on the plants that you cultivate in your garden. Once you brew the compost tea, you may take the substance and place it in a sprayer device. Next, you will spray the “tea” onto the soil where you plant your garden, or directly onto the plants that you are cultivating.


Gardeners everywhere have consistently praised the use of compost tea. When it comes to composting ideas, this is quickly becoming all the rave. It is a known fact that live soils that contain diverse and active ingredients are the best suited when it comes to crop cultivation. Not only will compost tea assist in encouraging fast and healthy plant growth, it has been found that it successfully improves the biological-based activities within the soil and assists in suppressing common plant diseases. In addition to this, many gardeners believe that compost tea assists in eliminating common garden pests that may detrimentally impact your crops. Save money today and produce an amazing crop tomorrow!

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