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The Frugal Path – Top 3 Frugal Living Ideas for Those That Value True Value

The Frugal Path – Top 3 Frugal Living Ideas for Those That Value True Value

The frugal path is about living in a smart manner so that one may afford to live the life that they desire to live. In today’s world, there are many frugal living ideas listed in magazines, books, and frugal living websites. Many often skim over these resources because they feel as if the frugal path is about making sacrifices and experiencing high level of deprivation; however, this is not the case at all. Frugality is considered to be an art. It is an art form that combines the elements of being economically sound and ecologically sound. It reduces the detrimental financial footprint of waste in your personal life and it reduces your carbon footprint on the planet. If you are a person that values true value, the frugal path is for you. In this guide, you will be introduced to the top 3 frugal living ideas that will assist you on your journey to becoming a person of value by creating value – in both your life and the lives of others.

Reduce the Waste in Your Life

One of the most common concepts associated with the frugal path is reducing the amount of waste that is created in life. There are numerous ways to accomplish this task. You could ensure that you turn off and unplug appliances and other items in the home when not in use in order to save electricity. You could switch from traditional bulbs to CFL bulbs. You could recycle common items in the home such as cans, newspapers, and bottles. You could even wait to run errands or make other trips outside of the home until you have the ability to do many things at once.

Reduce and/or Eliminate Habits that are Costly

The next step to achieving success on the frugal path is to reduce and/or eliminate habits that are costly. Examples include purchasing store brand coffee that may be made at home instead of spending money at a gourmet shop and choosing store brand food products and ingredients instead of paying more for name brand products. Instead of purchasing CDs or DVDs, join a streaming program such as Netflix or use websites like Project-Free-TV and YouTube to watch videos and/or listen to music.

Learn to Suppress the Need for Instant Gratification

One of the biggest financial complications that individuals experience today is the need for instant gratification. As a result of this need, many make unnecessary purchases and utilize credit to pay for those purchases. When it comes to frugal living ideas, this is a big no no. Nearly all frugal living websites and other forms of media point to the fact that money should be saved and purchases should only be made when the cash is available to make those purchases. In addition to this, you may succeed on the frugal path in other ways. For example, cook at home instead of eating out. Live in a small home or apartment while you work towards acquiring a down payment for your own home.


In addition to the frugal living ideas listed on this page, there are other steps that may be taken to successfully walk the frugal path. Examples of these steps include seeking to be as efficient as possible, avoiding financial traps, defying expensive “norms” according to social standards, bartering, staying informed about economic issues that could detrimentally impact your financial status, ensuring that you avoid debt, and taking advantages of products and services that may be obtained at absolutely no cost. By following these simple strategies, you are sure to stay on the straight and narrow when walking down the frugal path.


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