7 - 2010

New Year’s Eco/Econ Resolutions Around The Web

Now that the paint is dry on 2010, I’ve had a chance to surf around the Web for some of my favorite bloggers’ New Year’s resolutions. I found some beauties, and I wanted to share them with you. If you are still looking for resolutions — or beginning to struggle with yours already, and wanting some moral support — check these out:

  • Little House on the Suburbs examined how long green resolutions take to pay for themselves. Makes me kind of feel justified in not wanting to splurge on solar panels. And I need to locate the FREE low-flow showerhead our utility sent us and install it in Mr. Cheap’s shower!
  • Gluten Free for Good is going to lose weight, and she has laid out a specific plan, with a recipe for a healthy breakfast.
  • J.D. at Get Rich Slowly also is going to lose weight. He’s dubbed this “The Year of Fitness” and wants to lose 50 pounds. If you need his help on the financial side, he wrote a post about 10 steps to financial success in 2010. If you follow them, you are guaranteed to be in better fiscal shape a year from now.
  • On a similar note, Matt from Debt-Free Adventure wrote a post on Financial Goals for 2010 at Five Cent Nickel.
  • For a different approach, Beth at Smart Family Tips has vowed No More Resolutions. Instead, she’s using this time to tweak the person she wants to be, with real, personal changes that will make her life a little bit better.
  • And a different Beth, at Fake Plastic Fish, made a whole (great!) video about her plastic use in 2009, alternatives to plastic that she now uses, and resolutions to continue shrinking her (plastic) wrap in 2010.
  • Last but not least, Kate at Living the Frugal Life vows to use 2010 to measure and examine just how much of her lifestyle needs she can provide for herself from her 2/3-acre, suburban Pennsylvania lot.

Wow! These are really inspirational.

For myself, I don’t have specific resolutions. Instead, I’m in the process of evaluating the progress I made last year and what I want to achieve this year. I commented to a friend today that 2009 felt like a holding pattern. I achieved some good things — we put a money-saving plan into action all year. We continued many of our personal conservation steps. We basically held steady during a recession that knocked 40% off my income for the year.

This year, I have some personal goals that center on writing more and formalizing some of my writing efforts, and putting more intentionality into our financial life. I’ll spell some of that out in coming days.

What have you resolved this year, and how is it going for you?

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