11 - 2008

Friday Wrap-Up: Scrubbing, vacay and splurges

Easy, eco-friendly scrub-stuff! Using toothpaste and baking soda! However, word to the wise: I would think this would be very, very abrasive, so use it gently and consider a backup plan to refinish the surface afterward. And not that white boards are eco-friendly, but their tip to clean off permanent marker is a keeper, if it works.

This week, I came across two posts on eco-friendly travel (which often saves you money, too!) — one from Divine Caroline and one from Penny Nickel at Money and Values.

And in line with our discussions here about spending and life, Get Rich Slowly has an interesting post compiling the “splurge” confessions of a bunch of personal finance writers. (I won’t be offended that he didn’t ask me.)

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