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An Eco Friendly Lifestyle That Won’t Break The Bank

Eco Friendly Lifestyle Ideas That Are Easy on the Wallet and the Environment


If you are searching for an eco friendly lifestyle that is easy on the wallet and the environment, you are in the right place! Electing to “Go Green” means that you have made the choice to engage in a lifestyle that is considered to be ecologically responsible and is environmentally-friendly. Unfortunately, many people believe that the tasks and activities that must be engaged in to be considered eco-friendly are expensive. While this may have been true several years ago, it is no longer that way. In fact, many frugal living ideas are centered on the notion of protecting the environment, for less. There are many distinct issues that result in a person’s passion to pursue green eco-friendly ideas. Examples include the excessive trash accumulation in landfills, the increase of greenhouse gases, pollution within the air that we breathe and the world’s water sources, and damage that is occurring within the ozone layer. In recent years, the need to save money has also been added to the list of reasons that an individual elects to pursue the green lifestyle. If you want to help the environment, while saving up cash, the green eco-friendly ideas highlighted in this guide will assist you in your goals.

Opt for LED Lighting
One of the best frugal living ideas for individuals that want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle is to opt for LED lighting over incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. It has been established that an incandescent bulb loses 90% of its total energy as heat and the compact fluorescent bulb loses 80% of its energy as heat; however, LED lights remain cool and use 75% less energy and are stated to last 25 times longer. The LED bulbs available on the market today use 2 to 17 watts of electricity, which saves a tremendous amount of money. This is 1/3 of the wattage used by CFL bulbs and 1/30 used by incandescent bulbs. This is one of most popular green eco-friendly ideas among those that have a desire to keep more money in their wallets and reduce their carbon footprint.

Purchase According to EPA Program Labels
If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and save money while doing so, it is important to only purchase that which you need. In addition to this, when you do have to make purchases, you will want to ensure that you only purchase green products. In order to ensure that your purchases are complimentary to your goals, you should purchase according to the EPA program labels. The following outlines these labels, with a bit of information about each:

  • EnergyStar– This label indicates that the electronic and/or appliance that you are purchasing is energy efficient.
  • WaterSense – This label outlines products that are considered to be water efficient.
  • Design for the Environment  – These labels may also include the abbreviation, “DfE”. Essentially, these labels identify household cleaners and similar substances that are considered to be safe for the environment, as well as the health of humans.
  • SmartWay Certified Vehicle – This EPA label indicates that the vehicle is a “clean” model that has a high level of fuel efficiency.

Grow Your Own Products
Many individuals searching for green eco-friendly ideas will opt to purchase organic foods, herbs, and similar products; however, these items are often considered to be rather expensive due to the costs associated with the pure cultivation strategies utilized. If you are searching for frugal living ideas that will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint and save money, you should grow your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This will assist in reducing your grocery costs, but the process is highly detailed and will prove to be a bit time consuming. The rewards, though, are well worth the effort.

The recession-era frugal living ideas contained within this guide will assist in reducing harm to the environment and saving larger amounts of cash. There are several green eco-friendly ideas in circulation today that will put more into your wallet, instead of out. By conducting a bit of research, focusing on consumption that is necessary, reducing waste, and being creative with your family spending plan, you are sure to discover many other productive methods of going green without breaking the bank. By taking these steps today, you are creating a better tomorrow for yourself, your loved ones, and the world in which we reside.

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