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Cloth Diapers Make Sense and Cents

cloth diapersThe following is a guest post from Everything Birth.

I was thrilled to get her offer to write about some of the new diapers. When Mlle. Cheap was very Little Cheap, we used and loved Mother-Ease cloth diapers, and saved a lot of money as well as resources. We used cheap washcloths as wipes and threw them in the wash with the diapers. When she was finished with the dipes, I sold them on eBay — washed very clean, of course! They would easily have lasted through several kids.

Cloth diapering has been in the news a lot lately as the practice has been steadily gaining in popularity.  As more attention is being paid to the health of our planet, cloth diapers have become a realistic option for many new and experienced parents. As a result, cloth diaper manufacturers have responded by creating many more kinds of diapers to choose from. Not only are cloth diapers the more eco-friendly option, parents who choose them can expect to save some serious money as well, which certainly can’t hurt in this economy! If you are thinking about the cloth diapering option, it might be helpful to know just how much money you can save when you choose to go the “greener” route.

The Cost of Cloth Diapers

The average cost of cloth diapers from the time your child is born until he or she learns to use the potty is around $300. Of course, you can choose to spend more or less, depending on what type of cloth diapers you use and how often you want to do the laundry, but you get the general idea. In contrast, using disposables diapers during the same time period can cost up to $2,500 per child!  Now that’s a pretty good chunk of change.

Critics of cloth diapers point out that even though the cost to buy them is less than disposables, they will ultimately add money to your electric, water and fuel bills with the extra loads of wash that you will need to do. The truth is, if you are like me, you already do the laundry at least every other day. What’s more, you’ll probably find out that 10 cloth diapers really don’t take up that much room!

In addition to being able to reuse cloth diapers again and again, here are some other tips that can help keep your costs down even more, without sacrificing convenience…

Affordable Choices

If your priority is to save the most money possible, the best choice is washable prefolds (absorbent rectangular cloths) used along with a diaper cover (worn over the prefold) that provides leak protection and holds the diaper in place. Using this combination (prefold and cover) will save you money, because the covers can be reused after every diaper change, given that they do not become wet or soiled between changes. Therefore, you will need to buy fewer covers than you would with other cloth diapering systems.

Choosing a one-size diaper system that adjusts as your baby grows is also a frugal choice. Econobum offers an economical and adjustable cloth diaper. Each econobum set includes a prefold diaper and cover that adjusts from small to large so there is no need to buy new diapers every time your baby grows!


Caring for Your Cloth Diapers

Keeping your cloth diapers and covers in good shape is super important when money is tight because you want them to last as long as possible. For starters, choose an all-natural detergent that is meant to launder cloth diapers. When the weather allows, line dry your diapers and covers as this is easier on them than an electric dryer and saves money and energy as well.  Plus, when you dry your diapers in the sun, this is a natural way to deodorize them while also treating stains. Always remember to avoid bleach and fabric softeners as these can be very hard on cloth diaper products.

Make Your Own

If you are the creative type, you could challenge yourself to make your own cloth diapers. This, of course, would be your cheapest option, and you can choose your own style and materials.  If making your own diapers sounds too daunting, another money-saving measure would be to make your own diaper wipes instead. Using left-over fabric or diapers with a little bit of all-natural baby cleanser is as easy as can be, and will eliminate costly wipes from your weekly grocery list.

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