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Cheap Ways To Live a More Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyle

Environmentally Sustainable LifestyleFrugal Living Ideas on How to Create an Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyle

In today’s world, there are many frugal living ideas on how to create an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Since the introduction of the idea of reducing carbon footprints, many individuals have discovered that, in order to live a life that is considered to be environmentally-friendly, there are costs involved. It is no secret, among anyone, that the components of convenience and cost, have the ability to instantly trump creating a life that is considered to be environmentally-friendly. However, in recent years, there have been immense strides in making the environmentally-friendly lifestyle an affordable one. For example, recycling programs have expanded, and there are many alternatives to traditional appliances and synthetically-produced products available on the market today that are better for the environment and easier on the wallet. Today, families are starting to making more ecologically-sound purchasing and living choices that no longer have a detrimental impact on their finances. In this brief guide, you will be given a few frugal living ideas on how to create an environmentally sustainable lifestyle that will be positive and productive for your family, and the world in which you reside.

Appropriately Adjust Your Thermostat
According to information provided by the U.S Department of Energy, the largest energy-based hole within the standard American home is the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units, often referred to as “HVAC”. Based on the numbers derived from the organization’s study, it has been established that 56% or more of all of the energy that is used in a typical home is associated with the heating and cooling activities that take place within that home. In order to create an environmentally sustainable lifestyle without having to spend a lot of money, you should ensure that you install a programmable thermostat into your home. During the winter months, you should program the temperature to 68°F when you are home. During sleep hours, or when you are away from home, you should set the thermostat down by 10°F – 15°F. During the summer months while at home, the thermostat should be set at 78°F. If the air conditioner is not needed, or, you will be away from the home, it should be completely shut off. For optimal comfort and convenience, purchase a thermostat that is Wi-Fi enabled.

Reduce Household Hot Water Consumption
The next of the most popular frugal living ideas on how to create an environmentally sustainable lifestyle is to reduce your household’s hot water consumption. Based on statistical figures, the water heater in your home is the second largest energy consumption beast, accounting for up to 20% of the home’s total electrical costs. In fact, it has the potential to cost you anywhere from $500.00 to $1000.00 a year, or more! First, you should adjust the thermostat on the unit. While most are pre-set at a whopping 140°F, the unit will provide enough warmth to water at 120°F. Next, install low-flow showerheads and aerators for the faucets throughout the home. These steps may allow you to save up to 60% on hot water usage. Insulate your exposed hot water pipes and your hot water tank. Finally, ensure that you use the cold water setting on your washer as often as possible. By following these simple frugal living ideas, you will find that it is easy to create an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

Create Your Own Cleaning Products
If you want frugal living ideas on how to live in a more environmentally-friendly manner, you will discover that creating your own cleaning products is a popular activity among those that want to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Not only does this save money and the environment, the non-toxic cleaning agents that you create will not have any detrimental impacts on your health; therefore, reducing the need for medical assistance for issues such as allergies and respiratory-related illnesses, like chemical-induced bronchitis and asthma. Common items, such as baking soda, vinegar, lemons, lemon juice, peelings from fruits, and hot water combine in a wide assortment of ways to create powerful cleaner that also deodorize and sanitize the home. For an entire database of DIY cleaners that are inexpensive, safe, and effective, visit a popular directory by clicking here.

There are several unique and effective frugal living ideas on how to create an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. In this guide, you have been presented with a few different tasks that you may complete that are either free or inexpensive. Not only will these actions assist in reducing your carbon footprint, they will also assist in saving you hundreds – even thousands – of dollars each and every single year. Of course, there are numerous steps that you may take to be more environmentally-friendly. Examples include consuming less meat, using reusable bags for shopping trips, purchasing reusable items for the home such as washcloths instead of paper towels, and using solar-powered and motion-powered lighting in and around the home. While all of these additional methods are useful in reducing any detriment you pose to the environment, adjusting your thermostat, reducing hot water consumption, and creating your own cleaning products will save you the most money, earn you the most money, and will allow you to have the largest possible positive impact on the world in which you reside.

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