29 - 2015

The Ultimate Eco Friendly Guide to Greening Your Home on a Budget

We created this eco friendly guide to be a source for small and large projects for creating your eco friendly home and staying within your budget. At the end of the article you’ll see how you can add your favorite resources.

When thinking of an eco friendly home, it’s understandable to think first about building a new house or adding high tech improvements like solar panels from Roof Worx or even going off the grid.

Because they’re often high priced items they can be out of reach.  This eco friendly guide will show you how to start modestly with less expensive yet practical solutions so you can:

  • Stay within your budget.
  • Make changes that are simple with no or little cost.
  • Create habits for a safer home.
  • Remodel or build eco-friendly on a budget.


Trusted Magazines Show You How to Stay Within Your Budget With Your Eco-Friendly Home

These diverse publications have different tips and ideas for going green on a budget. Check them out to see how many you can use or modify for your budget.

DIY Projects To Go Green On a Budget

Projects can be large or small and you can find a variety of projects here.

This video from 2010 shows how one couple increased the value of their home with a kitchen remodel without breaking their budget.


Safer Cleaning of Your Home On a Budget

Manufactured cleaning products often contain chemicals that are both bad for the environment and for your family and pets. Here are some simple solutions that are also kind to your budget, including ingredients and even crafts to make scrubbers.

Ideas For New Construction

While requiring a larger investment than some other options, it’s possible to build your new eco-friendly home on a budget.  These articles give suggestions for trimming the costs of new construction.

Green Your Lawn On a Budget

Lawn chemicals are notoriously environmentally unfriendly. These experts show you how to have a safer green lawn (pun intended!).

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Help make this The Ultimate Eco Friendly Guide to Greening Your Home on a Budget and contribute your favorite resources below!  (And please share with people who need these resources!)

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