11 - 2010

Robyn’s Organic Acres – Virtual Gardens For Rent!

This week, an e-mail service I subscribe to (HARO, or Help a Reporter Out) posted an ad for Robyn’s Organic Acres.

The concept has been nagging at me ever since. Basically, it seems, you rent space from Robyn’s Organic Acres, and somebody in Oregon farms it for you, and sends you the produce. You choose what to grow, and you get what grows. It’s like a CSA, but personalized, and not necessarily in your own community.

They say:

My Organic Acres is like no garden you’ve ever seen before. You will lease and have access to your own 240/120 square foot Organic Garden 24/7 from the comfort of your own living room through the magic of the computer.

It reminded me of an extension of an idea that appeared in The New York Times a year and a half ago, about farmers who will come to your house and do your veggie gardening for you. In fact, there is a company in Portland, Ore., called Your Backyard Farmer, that does similar work, and also consults for a fee. (They’re accepting new farms now.)

I suppose either idea isn’t so crazy. The Robyn’s Organic Acres opens up the satisfaction of “farming” or conscious gardening to those without land of their own, so you could live in a perhaps-more-sustainable apartment building and still grow your own food … sort of.

Have you tried either of these methods? Are you tempted? Come on … tell the truth.

FTC: Disclosure here.

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