18 - 2011

5 Tips to Get the Best Price on a New Hybrid Car

The following is a guest post from Ray T. Lewis.

We’ve all dreamt of driving a new car at one time or another. With the high cost of gas today, if you are considering buying a new car – get on the Hybrid bandwagon! Driving green is a great way to go. With the new models of cars now available and the knowledge you are contributing to eco-friendly driving.

The term hybrid simply means this is a car that combines a conventional gas engine with a bank of batteries which will share the power demand and have a lot of money on gas in the long run. Hybrids are less polluting and many can be plugged in at night to charge a vehicle to drive up to 150 miles.

But what’s the trade off? It’s really easy to get caught up in your own emotions when shopping for a new car, but if you do so it will hamper your judgment and cause you to waste your money. Look at your long range goals for the new car.

5 Tips to consider when buying your car:

• Plan Ahead – If you know without a doubt that your current car isn’t going to be drivable for much longer, you have to start looking for a new vehicle right away – as long as it’s within your means, of course. If you wait too long and your car breaks down, you’ll be desperate at the dealer’s and your judgment will be thrown off. You will want to know the different brands of Hybrids available, their options and any special incentives being offered by the dealership.

• Consider Your Situation – What kind of car fits your needs? If you don’t have a family, you might go for a Smart car. If you have a couple of kids, go for a mid-size Hybrid. There are also alternative energy sources, such as hydrogen hybrid cars – so do your homework online before hitting the dealership.

• Go Used – Used vehicles that are just a few years old are just as good as new vehicles, as long as you get them from a dealer that will give you a good warranty on it as well. Something else to consider is that buying used will allow you to forego the automatic depreciation problem that new car buyers face. You may need to look a little harder for a good hybrid because most owners keep them!

• Buy in the Latter Part of the Year – You should buy in the second half of the year, as that’s when car dealers are looking to get sell off this year’s models to free up space for next year’s models. You should shop from July-September and around Christmastime. Some manufacturers actually provide dealers with additional incentives to sell this year’s models around this time, so expect some great deals if you are willing to shop around a bit and look at different makes.

• The $0 Down Trap – “$0 down” is a common deal you’ll hear in commercials, but don’t be fooled. Unless you are completely desperate, you should put some money down. If you put no money down, you are going to lose a lot of money as soon as you drive off the lot because of the automatic depreciation. In other words, your loan amount will be far more than what your car is worth. Don’t trade in your old car to get this down payment if you can avoid it; you would be much better served if you can figure out how to sell your car yourself.

Does it Feel Right?

There’s a bit of an x-factor that comes into play when shopping for a new car. You have to be aware of how you feel about the deal. Don’t let the dealer take over the negotiations and if things don’t feel right, don’t be afraid to back out of the deal. If you haven’t signed anything, you can walk away free and clear. Use common sense and be prepared and you will find the deal you are looking for.

About the Author: Ray T. Lewis lives near of Dallas, TX with his beautiful wife and children. He reads far too much and has worked as a writer and editor for askdeb.com for over two years. He really enjoys answering complex questions like, “How much is your car worth?” for people. Visitors to askdeb.com can expect to find extensive, detailed answers to reader-submitted questions.

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