11 - 2010

More holiday DIY activities

Just two more weekends ’til Christmas!

If you’re looking for more ways to spruce up your house for the holidays — without breaking the bank — here you go.

Most of these ideas are super cheap and a great way to use up existing household items — and use up time watching holiday movies or football games.

  1. Condo Blues just wrote about how to make your own holiday bows from magazine pages. No more worries about buying plastic bows — or taking the bag out of the closet to find they are all squished after last year.
  2. On the Nature Moms blog, you can learn how to use borax to make ornaments or sun-catchers. Sounds like fun — just remember, as they caution, that borax is natural but not non-toxic, so keep the kids (and animals) safe.
  3. Is it a little naked under your tree? Whip up a no-sew tree skirt a la Casa Sugar. Looks like a great way to use felt scraps — or check out the bins at your local thrift store or fabric remnant department. She uses felt because it doesn’t ravel, but if you like a more vintage or country look, you might enjoy something that frays a bit.
  4. Let it snow, let it snow, let it … fake snow. If you like the frosty look for holiday decorations, The DIY Life has three ways to get the fake snow flowing inside your holiday home.
  5. If you’re into a black-and-white or literary theme (or an unusual gift idea), you can repurpose an old or ruined book into a wreath. See the post at Living With Lindsay, or watch a video tutorial at

What are you DIYing this holiday?

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