5 - 2010

Friday Wrap-Up: “I Confess” Edition

Tomorrow night, a great old band, English Beat, will play live in my hometown of Denver. I don’t think I’ll be there, but I’ve had this song in my head. Here’s a hint — the photo at right is about remedying a slip-up.

I rent a shared office part-time. Usually, I bring my own coffee from home in the morning, in a nice stainless steel mug that my husband orphaned.

But this week, I decided to make some coffee at the office after a long, long weekend of working more than playing. I like some milk in my coffee. Before I knew it, the coffee had brewed, and I found myself in the situation of many office workers … sipping coffee:

  • from a styrofoam cup,
  • stirred with a plastic spoon, and
  • diluted with (don’t tell Michael Pollan!) lactose-free, “lite” artificial creamer. It contains two items on the “avoid” list, and the only item that would pass Pollan’s rules 2 and 3 is “sugar.” Ugh.

Oh, dear.

The next day I brought in a little container of milk and my own mug. I can keep the milk in the fridge all week and wash the container on the weekends.

If you’re feeling guilty of an eco-sin or a nutrition sin, here’s a song to absolve you … unlike the song’s narrator, at least I didn’t ruin two lives this week.

And now for the wrap-up:

  • When something that sounds too good to be true – isn’t – from WiseBread. Stories of amazing deals, and cautionary tales.
  • Also from WiseBread, a recipe and cost breakdown for homemade dog food. Have any of you made your own dog food? I do make my own dog biscuits, but we buy fancy allergenic-free dog food at the pet store for Schnauzer Cheap (who has allergies to dust, or something).
  • Happy birthday! Or if it’s not today, it’s surely coming up within the next year or so. Suddenly Frugal has a list of birthday freebies for you.

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