29 - 2014

How to Make Your Own Laundry Detergent at a 90% Discount

homemade-laundry-detergentDIY Laundry Detergent – How to Make Your Own Laundry Detergent at a 90% Discount

Let’s face it; laundry is a chore everyone has to do. The choices for laundry detergent are considerable in the laundry detergent aisle. You can find pricey detergents that may cost up to $20 or more and you can find cheap detergents that cost just a few bucks. The more expensive detergents aren’t necessarily better than the mid-priced detergents. The cheaper detergents may not be that good.  Regardless you end up spending money on keeping the laundry clean. There is a better solution if you take the time to DIY and make your own DIY laundry detergent.

This recipe makes detergent that costs between 6 and 7 cents per use. You will pay 90% more if you use the top name brand laundry detergents.

Ingredients for Homemade Laundry Soap:
Baking Soda
Bar of soap (any “unscented” bar soap will work, though some prefer the Fels-Naptha or the Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Bar soap, bar soaps like Ivory are okay as well)
Washing Soda (such as Arm & Hammer)
Essential oils (optional)

Directions for Homemade Laundry Soap in Powder:
Grate the bar of soap using a food grater. Place the grates in a food process to create a fine grind.

For every one cup of fine grind bar soap add 2 cups of the Borax and the washing soda. Add about a tablespoon of baking soda per the 5 cup mixture. If you like, add about ten-thirty drops of your favorite essential oil scent. Try lavender, lemon, and orange. The scent will be stronger the more oil you add. Make your own scent combination.

Mix in a container with a lid. Add the ingredients and shake. Use 1/4 a cup for a small load and 1/2 cup for a large load of laundry. Add it in according to the way the washing machine manufacturer suggests. Normally you can pour it direct to the bottom of the while starting the water and add the dirty laundry on top.

Directions for Homemade Laundry Soap in Liquid:
Use the same ingredients as above except add water.

Put the grated bar of soap in a large pot and add 8 cups of water and bring to a boil, stirring and melting the grated soap. Use a 5 gallon bucket and pour four and a half gallons of hot water in the bucket (you can boil the water or use it straight from the hot tap.) Pour in one cup each of the Borax and washing soda. Add a tablespoon of baking powder. Pour in the hot soap water and stir. Add 30 drops of your favorite essential oil for fragrance. Using lemon or orange will help to enhance the cleaning power of the detergent. Stir and cover with a lid. Let it sit for about eight hours, then stir again and pour into jugs for easy use. Pour 1/2 cup for small loads, 3/4 cup for medium loads, and 1 cup for large loads. This will wash approximately 60 loads of laundry.

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