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18 - 2014

Make Mouth Watering Organic Meals with Frozen and Canned Foods

Make Mouth Watering Organic Meals with Frozen and Canned Foods In today’s economy, many of us are attempting to save money on food expenses while also trying to ensure that we are still able to provide both tasty and highly nutritious meals to our family. It has been found that one of the easiest ways to cut costs associated with the food budget is to focus on creating organic meals. By placing your efforts into purchasing foods that are grown locally, only obtaining those that are unprocessed, and doing a lot of the work yourself – as far as preparation is concerned – you will find that you are able to create healthier meals, tastier means, and economically-sound meals. By creating mouth watering organic meals with frozen and canned foods that have been grown in and around your community and have not been processed, you will find that you are […]

11 - 2014

5 Ways to Recycle Excess Junk for Extra Cash

5 Ways to Recycle Excess Junk for Extra Cash There are several ways to recycle your belongings in order to earn extra money. If your closets, your drawers, and your cupboards are bursting with personal possessions that you no longer use and/or no longer need, it is considered to be an ideal time to cut ties with those belongings. If you pay for self-storage space for anything other than transitional periods in your life (moving to a new home, getting married, getting divorced, or coping with a death in the family), you may want to consider going through the process of eliminating the excess that is dwindling on your finances. According to statistics, the United States alone has approximately three billion square feet of storage space when it comes to self-storage units. This is approximately eight square feet of space for every individual within the nation. In addition to this, […]

14 - 2014

5 Healthy Money Thoughts That Will Shape Your Financial Freedom

Your thoughts about money and finances greatly influence your financial freedom. Personal finance experts highlights the significance of having the right money psychology in managing your financial life. It impacts the way you spend, save and grow your finances in a lot of ways. By establishing a healthy money psychology, you will have the ability to maneuver your financial journey in the way you want it to go. Here are five healthy money thoughts you should always keep in mind.

13 - 2014

Saving Money as a Family

I have found the best way to save money as a family is to include everyone in the family in on the plan from the onset. Sometimes we as parents sit down and discuss finances and enforce rules which make sense to us, but the children do not understand and sometimes this causes rebellion. Including them in on all matters of your finances is not necessary. However it can be a lot of help when you are trying to save money as a family to include them in on the plan and make them a part of it. Normally children are more than willing to help out when things get difficult, or you are just trying to save money for emergencies or vacations or whatever your financial plans are.

18 - 2012

7 Tips for Buying Water Sports Equipment Online

Summer is almost here, and that means it’s time for me to be shopping for deals on life jackets, towable tubes, water-skis, and my new sport, paddle boarding. In the past, I had a lot of trouble finding websites where I could find water sports and boating equipment at reasonable prices. The fact is there was reluctance for many merchants to go online until recently. Part of the fun of buying water sports equipment is going to the stores with your family and seeing what’s new. As we all know, everything that is sold in stores is going to be sold online, whether new or secondhand. Having bought less than perfect merchandise online, I learned a lot about how to buy it new, but at cheaper prices.  If you frequently shop online you can find some incredible deals from

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Financial tips from “War and Peace”

I’ve spent little snippets of time over the past almost two (!) years reading War and Peace in small segments from DailyLit. Imagine my surprise today when I came across this bit of frugality wisdom from Leo Tolstoy:

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Friday wrap-up: Farrah & Michael tribute edition

It’s time for the weekly wrap-up of things around the Web. However, the Web this week has been bursting with news about the deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. So, in honor of those 1970s/1980s icons, I’m rolling back to an old-school wrap-up of information found in the printed publications that have been piling up on my desk.

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