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28 - 2018

Save That Money! 10 Unknown Tricks to Save Money on Healthcare Costs

Did you know that healthcare costs in the United States are two times higher than they are in other parts of the world? Researchers blame many factors for the high costs, from the inflated prices of prescription drugs to doctors’ salaries. Regardless of the reasons, Americans are finding it more and more difficult to afford their health expenses, even with insurance.

13 - 2018

Thrifty at Home, Thrifty at Work

Saving money is something we typically think of as a consumer activity, something that we do at home to free up money for a new car or nice steak dinner. When it comes to a business, we think about savings more in the context of eliminating costs instead of finding ways to lower them. The reality is that businesses can operate with the same thrifty attitude that their employees and managers may have. There are essentials that you must spend money on, but if you understand that it pays to economize on them at home, why wouldn’t you do the same at work?

28 - 2015

Save Money on Grocery Shopping – Secret Tips from the Thriftiest of Shoppers

It does not matter if you are responsible for feeding only yourself or an entire family, it is imperative that you learn a few tricks on how to save money on grocery shopping. According to a report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food is considered the third largest expense of all households. If you have a family that consists of four individuals, you will spend between $600 a month to $1400 a month on groceries, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Several experts that specialize in supermarket savings explain that there are many money saving tricks that have the potential to reduce your grocery bills by up to 50%, without sacrificing the foods that you love. In this guide, you will learn a few of these tricks. If you want to learn how to save money shopping, continue reading to learn how to put more in […]

19 - 2015

Top Tip to Save Money – Use More Hydrogen Peroxide

According to the frugal-minded, the top tip to save money is to use more hydrogen peroxide in and around the home! According to scientific research, this watery substance is the only germicidal agent that is composed of only oxygen and water. It has the unique capability of killing organisms that cause diseases and other complications through the simple act of oxidation. When it comes to natural sanitizers, not only is hydrogen peroxide considered to be the highest-rated and most effective, it is also considered to be the safest. When this amazing substance reacts with organic-based materials, it immediately transforms into both water and oxygen. If you are looking for ways to live cheaply, the top tip to save money is to stock up and use hydrogen peroxide! In this guide, you will be introduced to 10 tips to save money by using hydrogen peroxide. 1. Whiten Whites and Remove Stubborn […]

7 - 2015

Strategies to Save Money – Run Your Car for Less!

There are several unique strategies to save money, as it pertains to your car. While many of these techniques are common, no-nonsense approaches to car ownership and the responsibility that comes with it, there are other easy tips to save money that you may not have yet heard. The following outlines the most productive strategies to save money that will allow you to successfully run your car for less: The first and most simple of all strategies to save money with your car is to avoid using it whenever possible. Think about that trip to the neighborhood store for a loaf of bread that is only a block away. What about that carpool to work that passes by your neighborhood every single day? When was the last time you took the public transportation unit to run down to pick up your prescriptions? There are several alternatives to driving your car. […]

28 - 2015

Ten Ways to Save Big on Energy Bills This Summer

Saving on energy bills can help you save money while cutting back on your part of our overall energy consumption.  For my family, the cost of cooling our small house is actually a lot higher than keeping it warmer during the harsh winter months.  So this year let’s think about the big picture approach.  Be sure to get your entire family on board, afterall you know that the summer months usually mean the kids are home more and often with friends. Take the going green approach with your young ones so they get the connection. How can I save money on energy without spending extra money?

24 - 2015

Save Water with Water Barrels

If you would like to save water, one of the most productive means of accomplishing your goal is to utilize water barrels. A water barrel is often referred to as a “rain barrel”. It is a unique system that is designed to collect and store the rainwater that is typically emitted from runoff systems and diverted to specially-designed storm drains and local bodies of water from your roof. The main components of a rain barrel include a drum that usually holds up to 55 gallons of water, a sturdy hose composed of vinyl, a few couplings composed of PVC, and a special screen-based grate that assist in keeping debris and insects from entering into the collected water. This is an inexpensive water saving tool that may be purchased or created. It may be placed underneath any of the down spouts of the gutters in and around your home. If you […]

7 - 2015

Energy Savings from Spring Cleaning

The activities that you perform once spring arrives are a great way to start a routine around the home that will optimize your level of energy efficiency.

31 - 2015

How to Save up Money – 5 Tips to Save Water This Year

If you have an interest in learning how to save up money, you should focus on energy on learning how to save water. In saving water, you will save cash. According to information derived from the organization known as the “American Water Works Association”, upgrades and various other types of improvements to our nation’s drinking water are expected to exceed $1 trillion from now until the year 2035. Most of these expenses will then be passed on to you, the consumer. This could mean that, within the next decade, you could see your already high water bills actually triple! When it comes to cheap ways to save money, reducing your water usage is a wonderful means of producing cash that would, otherwise, simply go down the drain! By saving even $20.00 a month by reducing water usage, you will be able to save a whopping $240.00 a year! In this […]

23 - 2015

Lower Water Usage with Water Catchment Barrels

If you have a desire to lower your water usage and reduce your water bills, you should consider installing a water catchment barrel. In doing so, you are participating in a rain water harvesting system that allows you to conserve water, reduce the storm water pollution that occurs in and around your area, and prevent the erosion of the banks of water that are located where you live. The specially-designed catchment units are designed to collect and safely store rain water for various water-necessary activities in and/or around the home, such as watering your lawn, providing hydration to your garden, and other types of domestic purposes. Not only will you have a reduced need to run the water in and around your home, you will find that the amount of money that you spend on your water bills each year is drastically reduced when you elect to utilize water catchment […]

16 - 2015

Vegetable Gardening – The Most Productive Means to Saving Money This Year

Vegetable gardening is quickly becoming a very popular endeavor. The main reason why this activity is increasing in popularity is because it has the potential to assist you in saving money each year by reducing the amount of money that you spend on groceries; however, the success surrounding gardening to save money is highly dependent upon the costs that you incur in growing the crops that you choose to plant and the amount of vegetables that your crops yield. The ultimate goal should be to limit the costs that you incur while maximizing the overall yield of the plants contained in your garden. In this guide, you will be provided with productive tips that will help you save the maximum amount of money with your vegetable garden. The Size of Your Garden

8 - 2015

Top Ten Things You Can Do To Save Money and the Environment in 2015.

What are the best ways to save money and the environment in 2015? With a bit of work and creativity these things go hand in hand. Before we became a culture completely wrapped in the cellophane of convenience, those who came before us knew how to make it on less. You can cut costs, increase your quality of life and help the environment regardless of how much money you make or where you live. Let’s get started now. Beat the Winter Blues With Spring Planning and Indoor Gardening

19 - 2015

Save Big this Year with Your Vegetable Garden.

Homegrown Vegetable Garden – Save Big This Year by Growing Your Own Food Homegrown veggies not only taste great, but growing them will save you quite a bit of money, compared to purchasing vegetables from a retailer. Having what many refer to as a “green thumb” not only means you have the capability of growing the vegetables that you and your family enjoy the most, but, it also means that you have the capability to save some of your “green”, or money. By conducting a simple search on vegetable gardening saving money, you are sure to uncover thousands of stories of people who have saved a tremendous amount of cash by simply growing their own food products. If you want to save big this year, you may succeed in the endeavor by growing your own food. In this guide, we will evaluate how much money may be saved by growing your […]

10 - 2014

Save Money on a College Education with Online Universities

If you are in pursuit of a higher education, you will be pleased to know that it is possible to save money on that education by using online universities. According to those that attend these types of universities, the benefits associated with the endeavor are immeasurable. According to statistics, only about half of all families with children under the age of 18 are putting aside savings for college. Most that fail to put aside money state their reasoning of not producing enough income to meet their financial obligations as the biggest reason. Many of these families are anticipating their child being able to attend college as a result of a scholarship or a qualification for financial aid. While it is true that attending a traditional brick-and-mortar college carries an immense expense, many are finding that if they lack the funds to send their child to a standard collage that they […]

3 - 2014

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in 3 Easy Steps!

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in 3 Easy Steps! Saving money is a subject that is more important than ever. While it is true that the unemployment rate is lower than it has been since the recession, it is also true that many people are still bound by the chains of the part-time job economic crisis. As a result of this fact, most families are consistently searching for ways to reduce the amount of money that they spend. In addition to this, many of these families are interested in engaging in activities that not only allow them success in saving money, but, also reduce their carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases that are produced to support the activities that you engage in on a regular basis. Those greenhouse gases have been found to have a detrimental impact on our environment and contribute immensely to global warming. […]

17 - 2014

A few tips on how to save money during this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching we start to wonder what we will get our loved ones in the Christmas morning. Most of us no longer believe in Santa so we need to make sure that we take care of presents ourselves instead of waiting for a grown man in a red suit to squeeze in through the chimney to our living room. Since the list of presents might be rather long; you need to find a way to save money when buying them so you do not end up spending an incredible amount on things that you are not even going to use yourself! There are many ways to save money, but the best so far, and one of the most satisfying, is using coupons to get discounts or even freebies. There is one store where you can do all your shopping and get huge discounts doing it. At Sears online […]

11 - 2014

5 Ways to Recycle Excess Junk for Extra Cash

5 Ways to Recycle Excess Junk for Extra Cash There are several ways to recycle your belongings in order to earn extra money. If your closets, your drawers, and your cupboards are bursting with personal possessions that you no longer use and/or no longer need, it is considered to be an ideal time to cut ties with those belongings. If you pay for self-storage space for anything other than transitional periods in your life (moving to a new home, getting married, getting divorced, or coping with a death in the family), you may want to consider going through the process of eliminating the excess that is dwindling on your finances. According to statistics, the United States alone has approximately three billion square feet of storage space when it comes to self-storage units. This is approximately eight square feet of space for every individual within the nation. In addition to this, […]

10 - 2014

Top 5 Tricks on How to not look your Age without Going Broke

Looking younger is possible without it costing you a fortune. Paying for various products and procedures can really add up. Many of the procedures also have risky side effects that you want to avoid. Here are some ways to look your without that risk and without that expense. It is easier than you think! #1 Lifestyle

8 - 2014
14 - 2014

5 Healthy Money Thoughts That Will Shape Your Financial Freedom

Your thoughts about money and finances greatly influence your financial freedom. Personal finance experts highlights the significance of having the right money psychology in managing your financial life. It impacts the way you spend, save and grow your finances in a lot of ways. By establishing a healthy money psychology, you will have the ability to maneuver your financial journey in the way you want it to go. Here are five healthy money thoughts you should always keep in mind.