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24 - 2015

Reasons to Use Simple and Non-Collateral Loans

Not enough people take about the benefits of using short term or non-collateralized loans. If you’re thinking about getting a short term loan but can’t decide yet, you might want to read some of these benefits so that you can decide whether a simple loan is right for you or not. Here they are: Speed – In the past, if you needed to borrow money you’d have to wait at least a couple of days before knowing whether you’ve been approved for a loan and then maybe another week or two to actually receive the money. However, thanks to simplified loans things have improved.

16 - 2015

Vegetable Gardening – The Most Productive Means to Saving Money This Year

Vegetable gardening is quickly becoming a very popular endeavor. The main reason why this activity is increasing in popularity is because it has the potential to assist you in saving money each year by reducing the amount of money that you spend on groceries; however, the success surrounding gardening to save money is highly dependent upon the costs that you incur in growing the crops that you choose to plant and the amount of vegetables that your crops yield. The ultimate goal should be to limit the costs that you incur while maximizing the overall yield of the plants contained in your garden. In this guide, you will be provided with productive tips that will help you save the maximum amount of money with your vegetable garden. The Size of Your Garden

8 - 2015

Top Ten Things You Can Do To Save Money and the Environment in 2015.

What are the best ways to save money and the environment in 2015? With a bit of work and creativity these things go hand in hand. Before we became a culture completely wrapped in the cellophane of convenience, those who came before us knew how to make it on less. You can cut costs, increase your quality of life and help the environment regardless of how much money you make or where you live. Let’s get started now. Beat the Winter Blues With Spring Planning and Indoor Gardening

3 - 2015

Good things come to those who serve

Volunteering – Good Things Come to Those Who Serve For many, finding the time to actively participate in volunteering may prove to be a daunting task; however, research has established that volunteering your service offers numerous benefits. The simple act of becoming a volunteer could assist you in discovering new friends, improving your psychological and physiological health, help in career advancement, and improve your finances. When you become a volunteer, you are donating something exceptionally valuable – your time. It is critical to ensure that you not only provide services that you enjoy, but, that you engage in activities that have the ability to benefit you and optimize the satisfaction that you experience in life. Your volunteering position should be a good match for who you are on a personal level, a professional level, and what you enjoy. In this guide, you will learn how volunteering will provide good things […]

26 - 2014

5 Unusual Ways To Make Money For College That Help The Environment

5 Unusual Ways To Make Money For College That Help The Environment Making money for college can be a challenge. It is hard to balance work and going to school. One approach that may make it better, is to do work that is fulfilling. It is also good to start young. Seeking out opportunities to work with the environment may be the answer for many students who want to help pay for expenses and have a positive impact. There are many opportunities for both students who are pursuing a career in an environmental science related field and those who simply want the experience while working towards a different educational goal.

11 - 2014

5 Ways to Recycle Excess Junk for Extra Cash

5 Ways to Recycle Excess Junk for Extra Cash There are several ways to recycle your belongings in order to earn extra money. If your closets, your drawers, and your cupboards are bursting with personal possessions that you no longer use and/or no longer need, it is considered to be an ideal time to cut ties with those belongings. If you pay for self-storage space for anything other than transitional periods in your life (moving to a new home, getting married, getting divorced, or coping with a death in the family), you may want to consider going through the process of eliminating the excess that is dwindling on your finances. According to statistics, the United States alone has approximately three billion square feet of storage space when it comes to self-storage units. This is approximately eight square feet of space for every individual within the nation. In addition to this, […]

14 - 2014

5 Healthy Money Thoughts That Will Shape Your Financial Freedom

Your thoughts about money and finances greatly influence your financial freedom. Personal finance experts highlights the significance of having the right money psychology in managing your financial life. It impacts the way you spend, save and grow your finances in a lot of ways. By establishing a healthy money psychology, you will have the ability to maneuver your financial journey in the way you want it to go. Here are five healthy money thoughts you should always keep in mind.

2 - 2014

Apps to Help You Save Money

We have discovered a powerful resource for saving lots of money shopping for the goods you need every day.  The website is called Frugaa (, and there you will find great tools for locating coupons, discount codes, meaningful reviews, and direct links to thousands of online retailers where you can save on the things you buy every day.  We recommend you check out Frugaa today! You want to find more ways that you can save some money each month. If you have a smartphone, well, there’s an app for that. In fact, you can actually find a number of different apps that will be able to help you save some cash. Let’s look at some of the best options to help you save money in different areas of your life.

10 - 2014

Buying Non Perishable Necessities Online to Save Money

As the old saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned. While we recommend that you live a full and happy life and not let every financial choice be a constraint, we also urge people to be frugal whenever possible. The best way of saving money is when you get to save some cash, but don’t have to give up anything in return. These days, the Internet allows us to buy a great many necessities while saving on costs. You can’t buy everything online. For example, buying fresh vegetables online often doesn’t work because you’ll usually want the vegetables right away to use in this or that recipe, and of course the vegetables might rot or get damaged during the shipping and handling process. For this reason, non-perishable goods are the most commonly bought online goods.

13 - 2014

Saving Money as a Family

I have found the best way to save money as a family is to include everyone in the family in on the plan from the onset. Sometimes we as parents sit down and discuss finances and enforce rules which make sense to us, but the children do not understand and sometimes this causes rebellion. Including them in on all matters of your finances is not necessary. However it can be a lot of help when you are trying to save money as a family to include them in on the plan and make them a part of it. Normally children are more than willing to help out when things get difficult, or you are just trying to save money for emergencies or vacations or whatever your financial plans are.

25 - 2013

How to Save Money on Your Next Big Move

Moving causes financial stress – due to the burden of packing, renting trucks and the cost of decorating your new home. If you choose to hire a professional moving service, you’re looking at fees priced in the thousands. If you choose to move yourself, you’re missing time from work when you could be earning more. It’s a big financial stress moving, which is why we put together these money-saving tips. You’ll want to employ these strategies in order to save big on your next move. Whether you’re relocating to another state outside New Jersey or moving just down the road, cutting costs is fiscally responsible. So, grab a pen and paper, because your first step is creating a budget.

23 - 2013

Top 5 Ways to Become a Savvy Shopper

Couponing is still the easiest and fastest way to save money. With in-store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons, the potential to build a nest egg on grocery savings alone is tremendous. Couponing also makes for a rewarding hobby. Reading the Sunday paper and any enclosed store circulars, checking your email inbox for deals, and swinging by online coupon websites can be done in five minutes and always amounts to major dollars in your pocket.

5 - 2012

Keep Your Finances from Sinking; Get Boat Insurance

Many folks say the only thing better than having a boat is having a friend with a boat. That’s not true, even though boat ownership does entail a lot of responsibility, including maintaining it, docking it and, yes, insuring it. Insuring it? Yes. Even though there are no state or federal requirements for it, here are some reasons why insurance is very important for the boat owner. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), there were 12.2 million registered recreational boats in the U.S. in 2011. More than 4,588 accidents were reported to the Coast Guard, with 758 deaths and 3,081 injuries and $52 million in property damage. Nearly half of those reported accidents involved open motorboats.

23 - 2012

How to Save Money and Game Online for Free

These days saving money is everyone’s top priority and considering the economic climate it is understandable as to why people are cutting costs and eliminating unnecessary expenses from their budget. Saving money is about cutting back on spending in order to have funds leftover to pay for more necessary expenses, without incurring debt. Everyone hates debt and avoids it where they can, but with the high cost of living it often seems almost inevitable. To avoid financial headaches there has been a big focus on free products and one of the industries that have come out on top with free offerings are online casinos. There are a great many online casino sites that offer players unlimited free gaming and unrestricted access to all the top games available. Players can save themselves a fortune by using the free browser based games or download the free software and enjoy games on their […]

16 - 2012

Accept Card Payments Directly from your Phone

Cell phones at one point were only used to send and receive calls. Now, you can run a business practically from your mobile device. Maybe you own a business, or need a reliable way to accept credit cards and payments while selling furniture out of your home? Here is a overview of some mobile credit card processing services, and how your business can benefit from them. Most mobile credit card processing services are not only easy to setup, but the start-up cost are usually free or minimal. Some of the services such as Square take out a percentage of each one of your transactions (i.e. Square receives 2.75% per swipe). The great thing about having a service like this is that everything is fast, easy to use, and very organized to run like a legitimate business. Let’s say for example, you sell your friend a record player. He can swipe […]

8 - 2012

Take It to the Bank – 4 Benefits of Debit and Prepaid Credit Cards for Teens

The years between ages 13 and 19 are the most difficult time in a young person’s life because they have many of the feelings and emotions that comes with being a young adult, but lack the maturity and responsibility to adequately deal with them. Parents are often forced to walk a fine line between doling out age-appropriate discipline when behavior gets out of hand and finding ways to train their teenager up in a way that results in them growing into a respectable adult. Teenagers Are Expensive

11 - 2012

The Importance of Stability

Finding a source of stability is one of the most important things you can do in life. Whether it’s an exercise regimen that keeps you focused, a business strategy that keeps you excited to get up the next day, or a love for nature that gives you something to look forward to on the weekends, having a stabilizing force in your life works wonders for emotional health, financial responsibility, and interpersonal relationships. That’s why I recommend looking for an equilibrium in all walks of life. Balance your checkbook.

31 - 2012

5 Things to do After Losing your Wallet

Few think about what happens when a wallet is lost, stolen or otherwise misplaced. However, wallets can fall out of a pocket, be forgotten on a counter or the wallet might be taken by someone with larceny in mind. Let’s say you just learned how to list an item on Craigslist.  If you leave to sell the item and lose your wallet, you could be up a creek without a paddle! It can be moments or hours before you realize that valuable possession is missing, usually when you reach for that wallet to pay a bill or to buy gas to get home. The first response is a sick feeling in the stomach and panic. Stop and Think

6 - 2011
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