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Soccer season is coming! Fair trade soccer ball GIVEAWAY

Giveaway time!! Fall is approaching, and before cool weather arrives, kids will flood local parks and soccer pitches to take on the world’s game. But have you ever thought about what your children are kicking around out there? How would you like to see them booting a ball that is sustainably made and produced using fair trade tactics? That means it’s stitched up by adults only (no child labor), who earn fair wages — and the company is dedicated to donating all profits to nonprofit organizations. They are doing some cool stuff around the world, too — visit their blog to learn more.

17 - 2010

Local produce giveaway winners

We have a winner — or two, actually. First, thanks to those who requested the coupons for local, organic produce that I posted about last week! I used the random number generator at to choose the winners from those who posted at this site and those who sent in e-mail entries.