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29 - 2015

The Ultimate Eco Friendly Guide to Greening Your Home on a Budget

We created this eco friendly guide to be a source for small and large projects for creating your eco friendly home and staying within your budget. At the end of the article you’ll see how you can add your favorite resources. When thinking of an eco friendly home, it’s understandable to think first about building a new house or adding high tech improvements like solar panels from Roof Worx or even going off the grid.

26 - 2014

5 Unusual Ways To Make Money For College That Help The Environment

5 Unusual Ways To Make Money For College That Help The Environment Making money for college can be a challenge. It is hard to balance work and going to school. One approach that may make it better, is to do work that is fulfilling. It is also good to start young. Seeking out opportunities to work with the environment may be the answer for many students who want to help pay for expenses and have a positive impact. There are many opportunities for both students who are pursuing a career in an environmental science related field and those who simply want the experience while working towards a different educational goal.

17 - 2012

Improving Your Economic Situation With College

Everywhere you turn, the news is loaded with sludge: We’re in a recession. Is it a depression? Nobody knows … but it’s bad. We’ve lost 25% to 30% of the value of the stock market. Our home values have declined. Unemployment is up.

A common descriptor is “the worst recession since the Great Depression.” The problem is, that comparison makes many people jump to the conclusion that this is as bad as — or the same as — the Great Depression.

But let’s take a glass-half-full approach. We’re still much wealthier than most people in the world.

10 - 2010
14 - 2007

Weekly Wrap-Up: College loans and home values

This week, the Dear College Girl blog reports on changes to college funding options for students. Pell Grants (for broke-r students) have new maximums, and interest rates on need-based student loans will be cut in half gradually over the next four years. In addition, the new laws include loan forgiveness for certain professions (like teaching and firefighting) after 10 years of service. Dear College Girl links to a New York Times article for more details. Thank your Congressperson, and watch the news for more info. Is your house an investment? The debate goes on at Free Money Finance — with some added information from Money magazine. Read the comments on this one for details on both (all?) points of view. I view my home as an investment in the sense that if I pay it off, I can be house-payment-free in my achy golden years. Or I can do as […]