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Dealbusters: Incredible, professional bread

This Monday series checks out whether something that sounds like a good deal — or takes a bit of extra work — is a good deal. We’ll look at cost and benefit — with everything filtered through my individual experience. Please chime in with your take. Mr. Cheap and I have a dream bread: The 3-pound boule from The Denver Bread Company. It’s an amazing, huge loaf of bread (although I would happily forfeit the hugeness). The crust is chewy and dark, the inside rich and moist, with large bubbles and a fantastic tooth. Years ago, we lived a few blocks from the wonderful bakery and sometimes splurged on it. More often, Mr. Cheap brought home a remnant of a loaf from the great restaurant where he worked; we would turn it into grilled cheese sandwiches, salad croutons, croutes with cheese, or my personal favorite, a simple slice of toast […]