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16 - 2015

FREE Fun Family Activities… That Cost Nothing

Each day, ordinary people are discovering free fun family activities that allow them to turn an average day into an extraordinary adventure. While it is true that going to a theme park, enjoying a day at the zoo, and catching a movie at the theater are all still considered to be popular activities among families, it is also true that discovering free, enjoyable activities is quickly gaining in popularity. In a world plagued by inflation, a lack of full time jobs, and fewer savings, it is not at all uncommon to find that several million families across the nation are now actively enjoying a wide array of activities that cost absolutely nothing! Here, you will be introduced to several free fun family activities that are appropriate for all ages! Create a Family Blog

15 - 2012

5 Tips to Help Turn Your Baby’s Nursery into a Toddler Room

William Shakespeare once said, “It is a wise father that knows his own child.” However, I don’t think he was talking about my husband and our two year old son. Upon learning that we were expecting for a second time, we chose to turn the spare room into a nursery and redecorate the current nursery into something more age-appropriate for our toddler. I speak the truth when I say that it was much easier said than done. If my husband selected zoo animals my son insisted on sea life. When my husband suggested puppies, my son chose monkeys instead. It was war and neither side was willing to back down. But then Disney and Pixar released the movie Cars. Lightning McQueen won both their hearts, and I was just thrilled that they both finally agreed on something. I started redecorating that same weekend before either had a chance to change […]

8 - 2012

Take It to the Bank – 4 Benefits of Debit and Prepaid Credit Cards for Teens

The years between ages 13 and 19 are the most difficult time in a young person’s life because they have many of the feelings and emotions that comes with being a young adult, but lack the maturity and responsibility to adequately deal with them. Parents are often forced to walk a fine line between doling out age-appropriate discipline when behavior gets out of hand and finding ways to train their teenager up in a way that results in them growing into a respectable adult. Teenagers Are Expensive

7 - 2012

Ways to Simplify your Life

Back in the old days, fun times involved being with family and friends and not spending hardly any money. People conserved their money in those days as salaries were not high dollar and there weren’t credit cards to pay. People lived happily on what they had and nothing more. Today, much has changed and people tend to spend more and even pay people to do things they could do themselves. Credit cards have become a common use in households and charging things they may want or need has become a habit.

11 - 2011

Soccer season is coming! Fair trade soccer ball GIVEAWAY

Giveaway time!! Fall is approaching, and before cool weather arrives, kids will flood local parks and soccer pitches to take on the world’s game. But have you ever thought about what your children are kicking around out there? How would you like to see them booting a ball that is sustainably made and produced using fair trade tactics? That means it’s stitched up by adults only (no child labor), who earn fair wages — and the company is dedicated to donating all profits to nonprofit organizations. They are doing some cool stuff around the world, too — visit their blog to learn more.

10 - 2011

Beginning to Play the Piano Doesn’t Have to be Expensive?

The following is a guest post by Melissa Cameron. Lately, it seems as if our household has mounting expenses. One thing that has taxed our budget is the fact that my eldest daughter, Rose, is starting to drive. Now my younger child, Matt, is asking that he be allowed to take piano lessons. I’m certainly open to the idea, but I wonder if Matt is interested in the piano as the result of his sister’s learning to drive. Is Matt  feeling some envy towards his sister? This can certainly be the case. Over the years, he’s shown very little interest in music. Could this urge to tickle the ivories simply be a way to compete for attention? I want to give my younger kid the chance to play the piano, but I want to do so economically. I’d rather not spend a lot of money until I’m sure that he […]

3 - 2011

Enjoying The Simple Things With Your Kids For Little Money!

The following is a guest post by Melissa Cameron. Spring time brings warm weather and with it the urge to get outdoors and explore. Winter has its place: there’s skiing, sledding, snowball fights, but spring and summer means hiking, fishing, boating and camping for our family. If you are looking for an inexpensive activity that has big impact with your family – go on a fishing trip together! Cabin fever reaches the breaking point just about the time the robins start arriving in the yard. That means it’s time to start putting away the winter gear and breaking out the warm-weather goodies. Gather up the kids, pack the mini-van and head for the lake.

26 - 2011

Teen Drivers: Being Responsible for the Car and Costs

The following is a guest post by Melissa Cameron. I have certainly been worried about my teen daughter, Rose, learning to drive. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the statistics and facts related to teenagers behind the wheel are frightening. When I decided to do some research regarding auto insurance quotes I came across some important information concerning the costs and safety of teen drivers in their first year. My daughter, who is about to turn 16 years old, is mature for her age but she can also be impetuous, and she is inexperienced.

19 - 2011

Teen Drivers: Saving Money and Safety!

The following is a guest post by Melissa Cameron. When my daughter, Rose, was first born I had envisioned her first steps, the first time she would be able to ride her bike without any help and her first time driving. I could not imagine any of them entirely and as each occurred, as she took her initial steps and found her balance while riding her bike, the thrills were palpable. With two down and one more to go, I found my fear mounting, especially as my daughter neared and then reached her sixteenth birthday. My daughter has many admirable qualities. She’s certainly smart and quite mature for her age. But with those attributes comes a streak of over confidence and a bit of stubbornness. She has always been venturesome and independent, and Rose has been looking forward to getting her driver’s license for quite some time.

18 - 2011
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8 - 2009

9 Ways The Easter Bunny Can Bring Less Waste This Year

Just a few shopping days until Easter, the Christian holiday that has become a big commercial event. Americans are anticipated to spend $117 each or $12.7 billion overall on Easter food, gifts and apparel (although fewer people are buying new outfits this year). There are plenty of alternatives to keep the spring holidays fun, festive and frugal. Here are some suggestions ….

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23 - 2008

Super sugary soccer snacks

Our soccer team alternates bringing snacks after the game each week. Two weeks ago, the snack included a bottle of Sunny Delight. My daughter asked what it was, and I said “an orange drink.” She took a couple of swigs and handed me the bottle.

“I don’t think I want to drink that,” she said. “It tastes like junk food.”

This week, it’s my turn to bring the post-game snacks. Any suggestions?

21 - 2008
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