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4 - 2010

Some Changes At Cheap Like Me

If you’re a regular reader of Cheap Like Me, you might have noticed a lack of posts this summer. (If you are just stopping by this blog, feel free to look around – Cheap Like Me has an archive of 600+ posts to keep you busy!) Why the slowdown, you may ask? It’s a matter of economics and direction.

15 - 2010
24 - 2009

Friday Wrap-up: Out-Of-Town Guests Edition

I’m sure the Web has been busy, although it does seem that posting slowed down as bloggers headed to the BlogHer conference, going on now.  (Read all about it at the link.) As for me, we’ve been very busy hosting guests in town and getting ready for a camping trip, so this week’s wrap-up is scanty with just two items of interest.

28 - 2008

Earth Hour – March 29

On Saturday night – March 29 – from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m., it’s Earth Hour. Dozens – or hundreds – of cities and millions of people around the world are participating. You’re invited to turn off your lights (and any other energy-using device) for one hour. The event was created by the World Wildlife Fund last year, and this year it’s spreading around the world. There are 25 “official” Earth Hour cities representing every time zone, and many others are participating (including my hometown of Denver, and a shout out to little La Plata, Colo., which is listed on Earth Hour’s home page

15 - 2007

Blog Action Day: Save Oil AND Money With Driving Techniques

It’s Blog Action Day – a day for bloggers all over the Net to focus on environmental topics. And with oil hitting a record high of more than $86 per barrel today, let’s talk about saving gas. This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while. In the meantime, I wrote an article on this subject with a client, so I’ll let the article speak for me (and give the client a little publicity!). These are the basic techniques we use to save several miles per gallon, so drive them all the way to the (green) bank.