20 - 2009

Is Cheap Like Me showing up in your reader?

I heard from a friend today that her Google Reader subscription is not showing any new posts on this blog since September. When I double checked, I have the same problem in Google Reader and in Bloglines.

If you have a moment, would you do me a big favor and leave a note if you found me on your blog reader subscription and, if so, which reader you use?

I have asked my Web consultant to help figure this out, but meanwhile, if you are a reader who usually gets receives Cheap Like Me posts via subscription, try re-subscribing using the RSS button at the top right-hand corner of the blog. Re-subscribing worked for me.

And if this has ever happened to your blog and you have any words of advice, I would be grateful — for your input and community is a huge part of this blog! Thanks for your patience and help.

Updated: We have found that the feed changed, and we’ve auto-forwarded the old feed to the new. Fingers crossed that this means you all will soon see posts again.

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