10 - 2009

I wish my city had a Home Planning Workshop!

This article in the New York Times highlights one of the reasons why New York City is so special … and why it is in danger of losing still more of its unique flavor. Apparently, the city sponsors an organization called the Home Planning Workshop, where people can learn how to do it themselves. It almost lost its funding, meaning its operator, the 85-year-old Ms. Taube mentioned below, would lose her job, and the city would lose this resource. Fortunately, funding and the workshop were saved.

Here’s a quick description of the Home Planning Workshop:

Ms. Taube loved going to the workshop, where she’s taught generations of women and men from the neighborhood, free of charge, how to sew, knit, crochet, upholster and generally make do. If a chair broke, Ms. Taube or someone working for her could show its owner how to fix it. If a lamp needed rewiring, that could be done at the Home Planning Workshop, too.

Wouldn’t you think something like this is more relevant than ever right now, with younger generations wanting to learn to make do, and many of us lacking some of those skills?

Does your city have a resource like this?

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