10 - 2009

Happy Mother’s Day garden!

Spring has sprung in the Northern Hemisphere, and even though we aren’t doing much gardening around here this season (and so haven’t really started), a few things are springy despite ourselves.

Our baby apple trees have leafed out. There are four of them along this fence (this is the driveway Mr. Cheap will be removing this summer to put in a patio and garden). This picture is ugly as sin, but the good news is, our two year-old trees (in the middle) last year were as small as the brand-new trees we put in this year (front and back). It’s nice to have a visual of how big the babies will grow next year.

apple trees

The one crop we planted was some spinach seeds. Mlle. Cheap put them in back in early March; they are just now growing after our snowy early spring.


On the other side of the garden, volunteer parsley is sprouting. Tabbouleh, anyone?


I just spotted a volunteer lettuce plant, too, nicely flanked by a wayward piece of plastic. It’s ubiquitous, isn’t it?


The cherry tree is thrilling us with its blooms! Will we have cherry preserves this year? I go out daily to cheer on the bees. It really looks like we just might finally have a use for the bird net to keep them away from the fruit. This is this tree’s third season in the yard.

Cherry trees

The strawberries are blooming. Some of our original plants died, and these sprang from runners around the edges. This week, I let water run around them and determined that they are growing where water pools, and died where it ran off. Maybe we can sneak in to do a bit more leveling and encourage more runners to fill out the bed.


This is Mr. Cheap’s new baby — a Golding Hops plant growing from a new rhizome. He wants to grow his own hops to support his new homebrewing beer pastime.


And finally, these aren’t real flowers, but they were too sweet not to share. I crocheted these African Violets for my grandmother for Mother’s Day:

african violets

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