30 - 2009

Great, free way to turn ads to art

One of the many hats we wear around our house is that of Art Snob, or at least Art Fan. Mr. Cheap’s bachelor’s degree is in studio art, and I headed off to a fancy East Coast college at age 18 thinking one of my possible majors might be art history.

Today, we don’t have too much time to make art or even to see art. When we do get to New York City, we try to steal a day to hit the galleries. (New York grants special experiences, like the time we glimpsed the legendary sculptor Louise Bourgeois slipping out of a Rachel Whiteread show in Chelsea, 10 years ago.) We occasionally get to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver (MCA Denver) and took Mlle. Cheap to a Daniel Richter show at the Denver Art Museum, which I loved, but which traumatized her slightly.

Recently, to bring more art into our lives, we subscribed to the magazine Art News. It’s a great, newsy publication (and to their credit, they have sent us three issues in the past week!).

I was thrilled to see this tip in the magazine: There’s a new Firefox browser application called Add Art available from Adblock Plus that will turn ads into art.

Now, I have nothing against ads. (In fact, dear readers, this site is likely to begin including a few more to help pay the bills around the Cheap place.) But I definitely have something for contemporary art.

The application describes itself this way:

Add-Art is a free FireFox add-on which replaces advertising on websites with curated art images. The art shows are updated every two weeks and feature contemporary artists and curators.

I’ve installed it, and it does replace some ads; not all of them. So far, I enjoy it. (Note that it is only for Firefox users.) If you love art, give it a try. And if you know anything else about it, please share.

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