20 - 2008

Friday wrap-up: Whole planet picnic, garden potty, and a solar theramin in a tin

GreenPa wants to start a tradition of a “whole planet picnic” – a waste-free free-for-all on the solstice. That would be today … or more loosely, this weekend. So if you don’t have plans, get those phones ringing! I wish I were on top of this this year … maybe next year.

Don’t forget, Saturday is the “golden showers garden party.” I notice that my post on this subject has a big “no comment” from y’all, but even if you choose to participate silently, think about it – and if you do it regularly, let us know if you have any amazing results.

And here is one crazy musical instrument for your enjoyment: a solar-powered theramin in an Altoids tin.

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