13 - 2009

Friday wrap-up: Recycling @ work, green running and crunching transit costs

More e-recycling options

Toshiba will recycle your electronics for free — or give you credit for a trade-in. Visit the site to get an estimate or learn more.

Workplace furniture recycling

You know you can get a new sofa on Craigslist, but maybe not new furnishings for your whole office. Meanwhile, the company that downsized and moved a few blocks away might be unloading 20 desks. Enter FACILITYcycle — Colorado’s answer to industrial-size recycling of workplace materials.

Public transit grows

Riding the bus more these days? You’re not alone. Last year, public transit ridership was the highest in 52 years, up 4 percent from the previous year. Americans took a total 10.7 billion trips on public transit. If you’d like to find out how much you could save by riding public transit, you can use a calculator at or at the American Public Transportation Association.

Unfortunately, you might find that public transit would cost you a bundle. In my case, my husband’s school and my daughter’s school are each 2.5 miles from our home (in opposite directions). If I commuted my daughter to school by bus, I would pay $1,434 more per 10-month school year than driving costs (assuming we both bought monthly passes to save; my daughter’s pass would be half-price because she’s a child). My husband’s commute would cost $583 more than driving costs (for 10 months of passes, because he’s a teacher).

That comes out to $2,017 per year, or $168 per month. Just $58 of that is my husband’s portion. If public transit saves you from making a payment on a second car, it can be worth it financially. If you own your car outright, you’ll have to think again.

Running of the green

Running can be an economical way of burning some calories, building some lungs and pumping up those legs. But it also has a huge environmental impact. Read all about it in Runner’s World (thanks to Thrifty Chicks).

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