27 - 2008

Friday wrap-up: Hacking Craigslist, ceiling fans, efficient cars, boob-powered iPods

Get Rich Slowly this week posted a terrific tip to subscribe to a search on Craigslist. Mwah ha ha, when the right Kromski Prelude spinning wheel comes along, I will be all over it!

It is ceiling fan season — and The Simple Dollar posted a simple list of ways to get your ceiling fan to work for you (and reduce energy use/costs in the meantime).

Going somewhere? Verda Vivo posted a list of the most fuel-efficient cars. She has calculated their efficiency in gallons per 100 miles, which makes their efficiency especially tempting.

And saving the best for last, scientists are reportedly working on technology — to be available in a few years — that would allow joggers’ bouncing bosoms to power their iPods. Yes! Now there is a way to multitask while exercising.

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