11 - 2008

Friday wrap-up: Angel Food, gift cards

Angel Food – $30 for $60 of food

I saw this site mentioned in a couple of places this week — the Angel Food Ministries provide a way for consumers to purchase a monthly “menu” of about $65 worth of food for $30. It is first-quality food distributed at local locations, and for those in need, the program accepts food stamps. The list I saw for our state includes a lot of meat, which makes it unsuitable for vegetarians; but for meat-eaters, it could be stretched a long way. They also offer supplemental menus for purchasers to get a special deal on meat or vegetables in addition to the regular menu. It looks like a lifesaver for families in need — or just in need of stretching their dollars.

Recycle gift cards

And gift cards are wonderful … but don’t you feel a twinge of guilt when you know the retailer is throwing away that plastic, sometimes after you’ve only had it in your hot little hand for a day or two? Green Daily posted about Earthworks, a company that recycles gift cards. You can send them in yourself, or urge retailers to send them in by the boatload. It’s free.

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