16 - 2008

Friday-on-Monday wrap-up: Food costs, urban farming

Sorry everyone … this was supposed to automatically publish on Friday, but I was out of town and I see that it didn’t! Catching up today …

Food prices are going up, and Liz Pulliam Weston wrote about how to save — including not buying (pricier) brown eggs based on the (false) premise that they are more nutritious, not wasting food, and a suggestion that families would save a lot of money by eating bananas instead of apples every day. (Note to my readers: Families also would be more constipated. Just sayin’.)

Marketplace put on its Web site an article titled “Rise of the Urban Farmer,” in which a reporter buys some tomatoes to grow. She jokingly anticipates that pasta sauce grown at home will cost $59. I wonder how much it really costs? Maybe we’ll have to tally it this year … or just read Get Rich Slowly’s post on suburban gardening.

I also came across an article on container gardening (via Money and Values) that has some items of interest. We are growing quite a few things in containers — potatoes, scallions, mint — mostly to add more growing space without having to dig so much at the moment.

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