13 - 2009

Denver gives its poor an open door to cultural facilities

I have lived in Denver for most of the past two decades, but I didn’t know Denver gave families participating in Head Start a free pass to some of our arts facilities.

Doing some research for a client, I stumbled across a mention of Denver as one of Fast Company magazine’s “fast cities,” known for their good cultural connections.

The article says:

The Mile-High City’s Five by Five program … gives all children and families in the Head Start program free access to 12 museums and cultural venues, including the Denver Art Museum, Colorado Ballet, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Now that’s a good idea! Many of our cultural facilities are very expensive, even for middle-class families. As part of a huge tax-funded grant program, the largest offer free days, but those days are often a melee of people trying to take advantage of the opportunity, which can make for less-than-fun-and-educational outings.

Does your area do anything similar?

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