11 - 2008

Deals of the week

We haven’t had a deal of the week in a long time! But there are a few deals out there too good to pass up.

  • It’s spring clearance season. If you need winter items (stock up for next year!) check out these great bargain sites: Land’s End, LL Bean, Campmor and Sierra Trading Post. You can get good deals on expensive long johns, winter gloves, fancy sandals, hiking socks, etc. that you or kids might need next year. For extra savings, do a search for the retailer and “coupon” or “code” — you might find a discount you can apply for a percentage off or free shipping.
  • The Upromise toolbar. You might be familiar with Upromise, which lets you register cards (grocery store cards, credit cards, etc.) and earn college savings. You can open a 529 account and tie it to your Upromise account. The toolbar tells you about deals on the Web sites you visit — for instance, you see at a glance that one travel site gives you 10 percent back, while another gives you $3. Where to buy your plane tickets if the cost is the same?
  • The American Express Blue Cash card. If you charge $6,600 a year or more, you get 5% cash back at the end of the year. That’s over $300 for the math-impaired. It’s a great deal! No annual fee. Just pay everything off each month. If you can’t be trusted to pay it off monthly, better not do it.
  • Compass Bank is running a promotion to open a free checking account with a $25 deposit and get a free 2 GB iPod shuffle (which sells for at least $49 depending where you look). A nice Christmas gift … but unfortunately only available to those in certain states.

Happy saving!

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