16 - 2018

Cheap Last-minute Holiday Ideas

If you have been holding back from planning a holiday because you wanted to see what the UK weather was going to be like, or maybe you just really fancy a holiday now, there are still plenty of options available. The summer weather has been better than usual, which has seen people looking at UK holiday options more than usual and you can save plenty of money from flights and other expenses of going abroad.

Here are some holiday ideas that you might want to consider over the summer holidays:

Camping in the Lake District

Camping is the ultimate low-cost holiday and it can be much more fun than going to stay in a hotel or B&B. As long as you pick a campsite that has good facilities and you are close to shops and activities, camping can be a really good option. After you pay the initial price of camping equipment you can go camping every year without paying for accommodation. The only thing you will need to pay is the campsite fees and fuel to get to the destination.

The Lake District is full of great campsites and it is full of activities for the family. From outdoor sports like rock climbing and windsurfing, to visiting quaint villages, there is plenty to do. It is a popular area for hikers, as there are some great scenic walks in the area.

Caravan holiday in Wales

 If you like the idea of camping but are not keen on putting a tent up, or getting cold or wet then maybe you should look at the options for holiday caravans. There are loads of park homes across the UK where you can hire a caravan to stay in. Wales is a very popular destination for caravan holidays, with nice coastal areas as well as countryside and mountains. Have a look at to see what sort of caravans you could stay in.

Airbnb in Edinburgh

Airbnb has become hugely popular and is often a great way to find cheaper accommodation. Instead of staying in a hotel, you stay in someone’s property and pay them a fee to stay there. Some accommodation offers a whole house to stay in or some offer just a room, so whichever you are looking for you will find on the Airbnb website. Staying in hotels in popular cities like Edinburgh can be very expensive, especially during events like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival but Airbnb can work out a lot cheaper for you.

Flight sales

Sometimes when you wait and see what deals there are for holidays abroad, you might be able to pick up a real bargain. Holiday tour operators will sometimes announce sales if they have not managed to sell their holidays and this year with Brexit and better weather in the UK, less foreign holidays have been sold, prompting travel operators like TUI to announce discounts. If you keep your eye out for this and sign up for updates with different tour operators then you may be able to find a bargain holiday at the last minute.

If you can’t find a cheap holiday package then you might find flight sales and then you can look at options like Airbnb and individual accommodation. Or you can look on TripAdvisor for some of the best value hotel deals in the area. Go self-catering and keep it cheap with a trip to the supermarket instead of eating out at restaurants, as that is one of the biggest expenses you have to pay for on holidays.

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