9 - 2018

The Top 4 Ways You Can Save Money on Gifts

It’s nearing the most wonderful time of the year again — the time of the year when over half of Americans rack up debt!

U.S. shoppers plan to spend a little over $795 during the winter holidays. That’s more than they do on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines Day, and Easter combined.

Whether you’re shopping for birthday gifts, Valentines Day gifts, or Christmas gifts, your goal is to save as much money as possible. That said, you also want to put smiles on the faces of gift recipients.

holiday giftsAre you ready to learn how to master the art of affordable gifting? Let’s take a quick look at a few steps you can take to keep your wallet nice and plump this holiday season (or any time, for that matter)!

  1. Shop for Secondhand Books

Gifting secondhand clothing and jewelry is a no-no. However, there’s nothing wrong with giving someone a used book, especially when hardcovers are so durable.

Used bookstores and thrift stores are excellent places to find cheap used books. You might get lucky at a garage sale as well.

Before buying a book, though, flip through it to ensure it’s not damaged or lacking pages.

Overall, Amazon is your best bet for finding great deals on budget gifts like secondhand books. The site even lets you sort used books by the condition they’re in.

  1. Try DIY Greeting Cards

We purchase over $7.5 billion worth of greeting cards each year, and 90% of us buy them.

There’s no reason waste another second in the greeting card aisle when you can make your own greeting card with Adobe Spark. The software doesn’t cost a penny, nor does it require you to be an expert designer. Plus, it allows you to customize greeting cards to your liking.

Email your DIY cards to loved ones, or share them on social media. And if you wish to print your cards out, buy a pack of greeting card paper, which should last you several years.

  1. Preorder Video Games on Amazon

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you know all about perks like free two-day shipping and Amazon Prime video. But did you know you also get a $10 promotional credit if you pre-order certain games?

Video game companies usually release blockbuster titles in the fall. However, several of the biggest sports games come out in the late summer.

Preorder AAA titles during the summer, and reap the benefits later in the year. You can use the $10 credit on any physical or digital items sold by Amazon.

  1. Delay Buying New Toys

Does your child have their eyes set on a trendy new toy (you know, the one that will be near the back of the closet by January)?

Don’t give in to their demands. Let them know you’ll consider buying it when their B-day rolls around.

Utilize this strategy and one of two things will happen: The price will drop by their B-day or they’ll forget about it in a few months. Either way, you’ll avoid paying too much for an overhyped product.

Wrapping up on Affordable Gifting

Aside from the suggestions mentioned above, the most important step you can take to save money on gifts is planning ahead. By making a detailed list and setting a spending limit, you can find the best deals and steer clear of impulse purchases.

Also, if you’re shipping a gift to someone, avoid shelling out for packing noodles and bubbles. Instead, fill the box with leftover newspapers until you secure the item in place.

Now that you’ve had your fill of affordable gifting tips, want to continue on the path to becoming the cheapest version of yourself? If so, head over to the frugal living section of our blog!

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