19 - 2012

How Branding Can Help a Business

If your business is struggling with mediocre sales, you may wonder what you should be doing different. The answer is often very simple – you have not been branding the business effectively. Branding is one of the most important things any business, including small businesses, can do to pull in new customers, retain customers and sell more products or services.

Creating Your Brand

A brand is more than a logo and more than a slogan. It is these, combined with the image you are promoting visually and via any other medium. If you do not already have a logo, this is the time to create one. Design it yourself or hire a logo designer. The best logos are simple; it should represent an important aspect of your business, such as a representation of the business name or products and services offered. Most logos have two to three colors in the design.

Your business slogan is equally an important part of branding. Successful slogans are short, easy to remember and make an impact. For ideas, look at the slogans used by successful companies.

What image do you want your business to project? For example, do you offer eco-friendly alternatives to some other product? Do you provide the best customer service? It may help to write down important values and aspects of your company, along with your company’s mission statement. You will need this knowledge to use in the next step, which is marketing.

Marketing Your Brand

You could have a fantastic company, an awesome logo and a catchy slogan but if no one knows about it, your other steps in branding will not help much. Get the word out. Put your logo and slogan on merchandise, in ads, on social networking sites and your business website. Put out press releases, hire writers and bloggers to write about your company and products or services. Your brand is fantastic, you are offering valuable products or services for people and the world should hear about it – this is the attitude you should have towards branding yourself.

Benefits of Branding

If you brand your company correctly and enticingly, your business will be noticed and your sales will increase. Professional branding lends a certain kind of trustworthiness to your company and the more people who know about you, the more customers you should attract. Branding makes the difference between Jo’s little wood crafts store somewhere in Montana versus Jo’s Custom Woodcarvings that are known and sold internationally. Branding means your business becomes more visible and will be easily remembered as a source to go to for whatever products and services you offer.

If you have to outsource to someone, educate them on your brand so there’s no distinction. A great example of this is the Brand Care management at Global Response. With their experienced staff, you can really trust your brand building to them!

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