7 - 2015

Strategies to Save Money – Run Your Car for Less!

Strategies to Save MoneyThere are several unique strategies to save money, as it pertains to your car. While many of these techniques are common, no-nonsense approaches to car ownership and the responsibility that comes with it, there are other easy tips to save money that you may not have yet heard. The following outlines the most productive strategies to save money that will allow you to successfully run your car for less:

  1. The first and most simple of all strategies to save money with your car is to avoid using it whenever possible. Think about that trip to the neighborhood store for a loaf of bread that is only a block away. What about that carpool to work that passes by your neighborhood every single day? When was the last time you took the public transportation unit to run down to pick up your prescriptions? There are several alternatives to driving your car. You could walk, jog, skate, bike, carpool, or take that public bus! Not only are these options good for the environment, they are good for your car, AND your health!
  2. One of the most easy tips to save money as it pertains to your car is to completely empty out your trunk of all unnecessary items and, while you are at it, empty out the unnecessary items from the rest of the car, too! Any type of excess weight will place a higher amount of strain on your engine. This could result to issues with the suspension system, the brake system, and the exhaust system. Furthermore, when there is a large amount of weight in your car, it uses more fuel. By eliminating any unnecessary load in your car, you will find that you are able to save quite a bit of money!
  3. The next of our strategies to save money and run your car for less is to keep an eye on your tires. First, you should always ensure that the tires are at the pressure that is recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. Failure to take this step could result in higher fuel costs and excessive wear on the tread. Next, if you would like to ensure that the tread life is expanded in your tires, have each filled with nitrogen instead of basic air. Nitrogen results in less pressure fluctuations due to varying temperatures; therefore, longer tread life. You should never attempt to fill the tires with nitrogen on your own. You should have a certified/licensed dealer fill the tires with the substance.


As outlined in this money-saving guide, there are many unique strategies to save money, as it pertains to your car. First, you could simply avoid using it unless it is absolutely necessary. Opt for alternative forms of transportation, such as walking or taking a public bus. Next, eliminate any and all unnecessary weight in your trunk and other regions of your vehicle. This will reduce the amount of strain that the vehicle experiences and you will find that you use less fuel. Finally, make sure your tires are properly inflated and opt for an inflation of nitrogen, instead of air, as this will increase the life of your tread. If you follow these easy tips to save money, you are sure to find less money going into the operation of your car and more money going into your bank account!

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