24 - 2015

Save Water with Water Barrels

water-barrelIf you would like to save water, one of the most productive means of accomplishing your goal is to utilize water barrels. A water barrel is often referred to as a “rain barrel”. It is a unique system that is designed to collect and store the rainwater that is typically emitted from runoff systems and diverted to specially-designed storm drains and local bodies of water from your roof. The main components of a rain barrel include a drum that usually holds up to 55 gallons of water, a sturdy hose composed of vinyl, a few couplings composed of PVC, and a special screen-based grate that assist in keeping debris and insects from entering into the collected water. This is an inexpensive water saving tool that may be purchased or created. It may be placed underneath any of the down spouts of the gutters in and around your home. If you want to save water, this is the first step that should be taken to achieve success in the endeavor.

The Advantages

Numerous advantages abound when it comes to water barrels. According to statistics, approximately 40% of the total water use that occurs within a household stems from watering the lawn and the garden. This percentage typically increases in the spring and summer months. Water barrels are designed to collect natural water and store it for outdoor water activities. Natural water is often called “soft water” because of the fact that it contains no calcium, chlorine, or lime that could detrimentally impact plant life. As a result, most people use the water collected through their water barrels to water their gardens, provide hydration to their plants, wash their windows, and even wash their car! By utilizing water barrels, you have the unique benefit of saving approximately 1,500 gallons of water during the peak periods of time throughout the year when you use water outdoors the most! As a result of this, you will experience the following advantages:

  • By using water barrels to collect water, you will acquire a very large supply of untreated water that may be used for a wide assortment of outdoor water and cleaning activities.
  • By saving water, you will be able to save a tremendous amount of money on your utility bills.
  • You and your family will have a decreased need for tap water that is treated.
  • You will protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • By diverting the water from the standard storm drains into water barrels, you will assist in decreasing the overall impact of natural water runoff to the local bodies of water where you reside.


Water barrels are one of the most effective means of saving water. These products will provide you and your family with a consistent supply of fresh, clean water that may be used in a multitude of ways in and around the home. Not only will you save water, you will save a large amount of money and will play a large role in saving the environment, too! If you have an interest in using water barrels, it is important to make certain that you check your local and state ordinances to ensure that these are permissible within the area that you reside. While most do not have any restrictions in place about collecting rain water, there are some areas that prefer for individuals to refrain from using water barrels so that the community water supplies are enhanced.

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