22 - 2013

Paying For a Vacation By Selling Old Items

parasol-on-the-beachOur family loves to travel in the summer months, especially to the California coast where the weather is always so beautiful.  But with gas prices and travel expenses increasing over the last year, it’s caused us to watch our vacation budget a little closer.  Of course there are two ways to think when it comes to a budget shortfall: spend less money or make more money.  We still want to enjoy the vacation, so we decided to make more money to cover the added costs.  Our idea was to look around the house for things to sell.  Instead of having a garage sale (which can sometimes be a waste of time) we looked for high priced items that would be easy to sell and that would be worth our time.

Sell Old Electronics

If you have old phones, laptops, tablets that are less than three years old, you’d be surprised how much you can get for them! The market for secondary iPads and laptops is growing as people find more uses for these items around the house as entertainment stations and kitchen recipe books.  First generation iPads can earn you about $100 on eBay, getting you closer to that dream vacation!

Sell Diamonds and Jewelry

Look through your jewelry box and lay out all the jewelry that you just don’t wear anymore.  Many jewelry stores will pay you top dollar for old items, so visit a place you trust if you want to sell diamonds or other jewelry that you have.  You can visit places like this to get an idea on how much they will pay you for your old jewelry.

Sell Books and Music

While eBooks and MP3’s are standard for a lot of people, there is still a market for used books and older music.  This can be especially true if you have first edition books or items signed by the original author.  It’s always good to first take these items to an appraiser and to get your material authenticated.  That way, you can be 100% confident when listing your item for sale and get the most for your item.

You don’t have to have a giant garage sale or spend hours looking for things around the house to sell.  Sometimes old jewelry, books, and college texts can be enough to cover the added expenses of a summer vacation.

Do you have any ideas for saving extra money in the summer?

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