31 - 2015

How to Save up Money – 5 Tips to Save Water This Year

HowtoSaveupMoneyIf you have an interest in learning how to save up money, you should focus on energy on learning how to save water. In saving water, you will save cash. According to information derived from the organization known as the “American Water Works Association”, upgrades and various other types of improvements to our nation’s drinking water are expected to exceed $1 trillion from now until the year 2035. Most of these expenses will then be passed on to you, the consumer. This could mean that, within the next decade, you could see your already high water bills actually triple! When it comes to cheap ways to save money, reducing your water usage is a wonderful means of producing cash that would, otherwise, simply go down the drain! By saving even $20.00 a month by reducing water usage, you will be able to save a whopping $240.00 a year! In this guide, you will learn about 5 tips that will aid in your saving water AND cash this year!

1. Utilize Rain Barrels

If you are learning how to save up money by reducing the amount of water that you use, you should consider installing and utilizing rain barrels. By simply placing one of these barrels underneath a gutter from your home, you have the ability to catch approximately four or more gallons of water – each and every single day! This water may be used to provide hydration to your lawn, watering your outdoor garden, watering trees and plants, and washing your car! Before using this type of device, review the municipal regulations in your area to ensure that rain barrels are permissible.

2. Use Mulch

When searching for cheap waves to save money and reduce your water usage, you will find that using mulch is an excellent option! If you have a lot of plants within your yard, mulch has the capability of acting as a type of sun block for the roots of those plants. By placing up to four inches of mulch around those plants, you may successfully retain soil moisture, reduce the rate in which evaporation occurs, and keep the roots protected from overheating from the sun, humidity, and excessively high temperatures. Organic-based mulch, such as those composed of shredded hardwood and straw from pine trees, is considered to be the most beneficial because they not only assist in retaining moisture, but, as they decompose, nutrients that are essential to plant life are added to the soil.

3. Use Water-Efficient Irrigation Equipment

If you are learning how to save up money by reducing the amount of water that you use, you will find that water-efficient irrigation equipment is a popular choice. These products assist in preventing overwatering to plants within your yard. You will want to start by installing rain sensors, or sensors that measure the amount of moisture contained within the soil. These products should override any type of automatic-based watering system that you have in place. Once a pre-designated amount of moisture has been picked up by these products, it shuts down, reducing the possibility for engaging in unnecessary irrigation to your lawn.

4. Choose Watering Times Carefully

When searching for cheap ways to save money by reducing your water usage, you will find that many recommend choosing your outdoor watering times very carefully. All outdoor watering should be conducted in the morning hours. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that temperatures are low. The second is that wind speed is typically at its lowest during the morning hours. By watering during this time of the day, you will drastically reduce the amount of water evaporation that occurs.

5. Regular Maintenance of Water and Irrigation Systems

When learning how to save up money by saving on water usage, you will find that many recommend the regular maintenance of your water and irrigation system. All hoses, connections, spigots, sprinkler systems, and timing devices should be checked on a regular basis to ensure optimal operation. You should make sure that there are no leaks, cracks, or electronic-based complications that could result in the use of more water than is necessary.


Learning how to save up money by reducing the amount of water that you use is actually a relatively simple task. While you may have to make a few initial purchases, none are very expensive. You may have to put a little work and dedication into the project, but, in the end, it will all be worthwhile. Not only will you see a significant savings on your water bills each month, but, you will be positively contributing to reducing your carbon footprint. By following the steps contained in this guide, you will find that learning how to save up money by saving water is not at all difficult!

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