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How to Cook a Whole Chicken

Many people are attempting to make spending reductions in every area of the family budget. Food is often one of the biggest household expenses. It is something that can be cut out completely, but it is possible to save large amounts of money by eating out less and cooking at home more. For the biggest savings, purchase ingredients as close to their natural state as possible and avoid convenience food items.

Using a Whole Chicken cook a whole chicken

Yes, boneless, skinless chicken that is already cut into pieces is much more convenient than a whole chicken, but it often costs twice as much money. Many people are so used to relying on prepackaged foods that they have no idea how to cook a whole chicken. Luckily there are many chicken recipes available. Check websites, blogs, cookbooks and magazines.

No matter how the chicken is prepared, it is important to first remove the bag of organs stuffed inside the cavity. These can be cooked for a pet, added to gravy or simply tossed.

Slow Cooking a Whole Chicken

One of the easiest ways to cook a whole chicken is in the slow cooker. Simply place the chicken in the slow cooker. Chop up any vegetables hanging out in the veggie drawer. Add a can of tomato sauce or broth. Cook on low for six to eight hours. Always use a meat thermometer to make sure the chicken is at least 160 degrees, no matter what cooking method is used.

Roasting a Whole Chicken

One of the most popular chicken recipes is a classic roasted chicken. Season the outside of the chicken, as well as inside the cavity with salt pepper and other preferred spices. Poultry seasoning blends are sold at the store and are a good option for cooks just starting out. Cut carrots, an onion, celery and lemons. Place them in the bottom of a roasting pan. Put the chicken on top of the produce. Roast the chicken at 425 degrees for an hour and a half. Let it rest for twenty minutes after cooking to allow the juices to redistribute.

Boiling a Whole Chicken

It’s easy to make a soup by boiling an entire chicken in a pot of water until the meat begins to fall of the bones. Strain the pot, saving the liquid for broth. Sort through the chicken, pulling out the meat and discarding the skin and bones. Add the chicken back to the pot of liquid with chopped carrots and celery. Cook until the vegetables are tender. Add rice or noodles in the last few minutes of cooking.

Once someone learns how to cook a whole chicken, it opens up a wide range of meal possibilities. Leftovers can be used in a huge variety of ways, including casseroles and sandwiches. It’s a huge money saver.

 How do you prepare chicken for your family?

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