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Good things come to those who serve

volunteerVolunteering – Good Things Come to Those Who Serve

For many, finding the time to actively participate in volunteering may prove to be a daunting task; however, research has established that volunteering your service offers numerous benefits. The simple act of becoming a volunteer could assist you in discovering new friends, improving your psychological and physiological health, help in career advancement, and improve your finances. When you become a volunteer, you are donating something exceptionally valuable – your time. It is critical to ensure that you not only provide services that you enjoy, but, that you engage in activities that have the ability to benefit you and optimize the satisfaction that you experience in life. Your volunteering position should be a good match for who you are on a personal level, a professional level, and what you enjoy. In this guide, you will learn how volunteering will provide good things to you as you commit to serving.

Connecting to Your Community

One of the most evident and common benefits associated with volunteering is the connection that you will make to your community. It has been established that unpaid volunteer service has both a large and positive impact on the community in which you serve. Even the most basic or smallest of services has the ability to make a difference to the organizations, people, and animals that are impacted by your donation of time. While connecting to your community, you will find that volunteering has the ability to assist you in developing new friendships with people, expanding your networking efforts, and optimizing your social-based skills. As a result of these benefits, you will benefit by connecting with others that have common interests, learning about the resources available in the community that you serve, and by doing something beneficial and fun with your time.

Optimizing Your Psychological and Physiological Health

The next advantage to volunteering and providing service to your community is that it has the ability to optimize both your psychological and physiological health. By doing good things for others, you will find that you experience a true sense of accomplishment. The tasks that you perform will provide you with a sense of pride in your contributions, as well as a unique identity. You will find that your self-esteem improves and that the satisfaction that you experience in life is heightened. It has been established that social isolation is detrimental to the health – in numerous ways. One of the most evident issues in those that lack a high level of social isolation is depression. By volunteering, you are less likely to suffer from depression. Additional studies have concluded that those that volunteer have a lower rate of mortality than those that do not volunteer. Based on this information, it has been established that those that engage in volunteering experience better health than those that fail to offer services to their community.

Career Advancement Benefits and Improvements to Finances

There are many benefits that may be experienced through volunteering that pertain to career advancement and improvements to your finances. By offering service to your community, you have the ability to obtain experience in the areas in which you are most interested. While offering services, you will actively engage in activities that are highly beneficial and commonplace in the workplace such as communication, planning projects, managing tasks, working with a team, solving problems, and organization. When volunteering, you will learn the importance of managing money through a budget and allocating resources to get the maximum benefit. These are very important skills that may help you learn how to manage your money through a budget and allocate resources appropriately within your own life. Most that engage in volunteering find that what they learn when providing service to their community, they have the capability of bringing into their personal life so that various areas – such as finances – are improved.


Volunteering and offering a service to your community is not only a highly beneficial endeavor that provides many opportunities for your personal growth, but, it is a task that is considered to be a common duty and/or responsibility of being a citizen. By taking part in non-paid positions that assist in bettering your community, you have the ability to better yourself. Connecting with your community allows you to meet new people, allows you to feel good about yourself, and allows you to experience goodness in your own life. If you are interested in offering your time to your community, check out local community centers, service organizations, shelters, and youth organizations for the opportunities that are currently available.

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